Single. And Confused.

I honestly don’t think that I will ever understand boys.

Okay so, remember that awesome boy who I contemplated asking out? Well, let’s face it, I had pretty much given up on him. I hadn’t run into him around campus, and I’ve been so busy with the craziness of school starting that I hadn’t even thought of him for a few weeks.

Well, as it always seems to happen, I had completely forgotten about him when I ran into him in our student union yesterday. I was just leaving an afternoon meeting and being filled in on my sorority’s most recent drama, when he was trying to get my attention.

“Hey, hey, Emmy!”

He was calling after us from basically across from the student union, and I was so surprised to see him. I introduced my friend to him, and we all talked for a few minutes. He asked what we had going on that night, and we told him that we weren’t sure, probably going out yadda yadda…

Then he goes on to tell us about how his friend (who we also know) is having people over and we should stop by… “Hey Emmy, I don’t think I have your number… What is it? Here, put it in and I’ll text you what time we’re starting to rage.”

So, whatever, I give him my number. Which should not that big of a deal, it’s not exactly an out of the ordinary event. Yeah, I mean, it happens pretty much every day that a boy that I have the world’s BIGGEST crush on asks for my number…(Slash okay, I was pretty excited, but I managed to contain my silly excitement ). So I play it cool, and say something along the lines of “Okay, I gotta go, but let us know what’s going on!”.

So, to make a long story short, I had a normal night, got some dinner, did some homework, got ready to go out, yadda yadda yadda… So we had a few different apartments that my friends wanted to stop by, so we’re out and whatever. But awesome boy, the one who had just asked for my number a few hours before, never texted me.

It’s not like I’m heart broken or anything of that nature, I mean, it’s not like anything even happened between us. More than anything else, I’m just confused. I don’t understand why he would go out of his way to get my number and then not use it. Those are my confusions for this week.

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