Forget Perez Hilton – Here Are 8 Celebrity Blogs to Read Instead

I’ve always been an extremely loyal fan to Perez Hilton.  I’ve spent countess hours throughout my college years scrolling through the hot pink pages and indulging in all of the juicy celeb gossip he has to offer. Perez’s page is easy to read, catches you up real fast, and provides lots of juicy pictures of Zac Efron.  However, one downfall – Perez is horrible to basically everyone that is a human being and although his snappy rants are part of the appeal to, I’m getting a little tired of it.

Lucky for all of us who love reading juicy gossip about celebrities, the internet has so many more places to offer that dish on the celebrities we love to mock, and we have eight of the best right here.

PopEater: PopEater is an exclusive site for go-to celeb interviews and news.  All of the articles are full of exclusive facts, up-to-date pictures and PopEater even has that scroll-thru quick read atmosphere (much like Perez).

Crushable: Crushable is great because along with celebrity news, they also offer style and relationship tips (the stuff I really care about). With the same layout style as Jezebel, Crushable offers a variety of advice, news and an easy go-to hot topics tab.  Like Perez, Crushable has a carefree HAHA attitude, offering silly articles and videos all over their site.

Celebrity Cafe: The Celebrity Cafe is fun because along with celeb gossip, there are games, travel stories, book and CD reviews AND contests within the site. Sounds like a college homework procrastinator’s dream to me!

Celebbuzz: With a raw focus on celeb news, Celebbuzz offers straightforward and timely celeb news all day, every day.

TVsquad: TVsquad is an online TV show blogging site featuring chat forums focused on every. single. TV show. out there. If you missed what was on ‘The Bachelor Pad‘ no need to worry anymore. TVSquad will support you with all of the recaps, discussions, news and previews you will ever need. And the stuff you didn’t know you needed until now.

Bricks and Stones Gossip: Built with the gossip from young Hollywood, bricksandstonesgossip showcases all young Hollywood celebrity rumors and news.  The site is full of updated pictures and dishes on everything from celebrity diets to what shoes Jessica Alba is wearing. It reminds me of a soft sided Perez Hilton (sans the ripping on people and stupid penis drawings on their faces).

The Blemish: The Blemish goes all out with its hilarious attack on celeb gossip.  It’s saucy, sassy, and super savvy.  And, by golly, it makes me LOL.

Yeeeah: Sure, is a little snarky, but that’s why we read celeb news, right?  Blunt honesty and pointing out the obskis is always the greatest remedy for a long day of long classes.

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Now Showing: Going the Distance
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