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Kanye apologized to Tay Tay via Twitter.
Eminem rose from the ashes.
Beyonce had 1,453 new hits.
Gaga wore a lot of…er…interesting ensembles.
And Vinny got stood up. Awww.

And with that, it’s time for the 2010 VMAs. We’ll be updating all the LOLs, dramz, acceptance speeches and memorable performances as they happen. Share your thoughts and updates in the comments section below OR Tweet us (@CollegeCandy) and we’ll share it all right here.

Now bring on Chelsea Handler!

9:02 pm: Welcome back, Eminem. And might I say: you’re looking as delicious as ever. And that’s not the wine talking.

9:04 pm: OK, not sure what dress-up box Rihanna got her outfit from, but it’s OK. I like the way it hurts. And this duet is pretty killer.

9:05 pm: Lindsay Lohan is way less entertaining sober. Just sayin’.

9:08 pm: Is Chelsea wearing a bump-it?

9:10 pm: Chelsea’s “The Situation” joke was funny, but homegirl needs a drink. She’s so nervous/awk. Not to worry – I’ll have three for her. That should make this better.

9:13 pm: “It’s time to address the big, black elephant in the room….where’s Kanye?” AMAZING.

9:14 pm: I take it back – Chelsea. is. hammered.

9:15 pm: THANK GOD GAGA WON.  I swear, if Taylor took this award I was prepared to drown myself in this bowl of pudding.

From CollegeCandy’s Senior Editor via Twitter: @collegecandy: ummm is there going to be an LFO tribute?

9:24 pm: Is it weird that I really (REALLY) wanna see Jackass 3d?

9:27 pm: And the award for WEIRDEST GROUP OF PEOPLE EVER TO BE ON ONE STAGE GOES TO: The Jackass Guys and 30 Seconds to Mars.

9:29 pm: Strangely turned on by Justin Bieber….. I hope Chris Hansen isn’t reading this.

9:31 pm: Do you think the Jonas Brothers are sitting at home mourning the loss of their youth/fans in a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s?

9:33 pm: Speaking of Ben and Jerry’s….BRB.

9:38 pm: USHERRRRR. Must. stop. drooling on my keyboard. It’s a good thing he looks so good….maybe no one will notice the fact that he’s not even TRYING to mouth the words to the song.

9:42 pm: I’ve always dreamed of seeing Usher sweat. I just thought it would be in my bed and not on a national award show. Sigh.

9:44 pm: And with that, we’ve got the first camel toe of the night. Thank you, Nickie Minaj.


9:47 pm: Dead Mau5 makes me feel stoned without the munchies. I think I like it.

9:55 pm: OMG Florence and the Machine. Best performance of the night so far? Fo sho. The only way that could have been any better is if Cee Lo joined her for some super duet.

10:04 pm: Is Cory Monteith wearing a toupee?

10:05 pm: Gaga wins again. And puts on another spiky head-dress. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was wearing all her Moonmen on her head by the end of the night.

10:07 pm: COME ON, KANYE! LET’S DUET!!!

10:09 pm: OK, I’m bored, Tay Tay. I was really hoping this new song would be called “Thank you for making my career, Kanye West.”

From CollegeCandy writer, Melanie – Northeastern via AIM: I’m really worried about deadmau5… Do you think he can breathe in there? he may be Sam ronson in disguise.

10:23 pm: Mmmm Drake. Come to MAMA. Can MTV please stop panning over to Mary? Girlfriend is gorge and talented, but really? MORE DRAKE.

10:33 pm: How do you think Ronnie, Sammi and Angelina feel about getting the shaft from the hot tub? And first Vinny gets stood up and now he’s not invited to the hot tub party? WTF?!

10:35 pm: What the f**k did Sofia Vergara just say?

Sidenote: To Taco Bell and Rhapsody – THESE ADS AREN’T WORKING.

10:42 pm: I didn’t realize Neyo was the same height as Chuy….

10:44 pm: Do you think Hayley Williams’ carpet matches the drapes?

10:52 pm: If Kanye doesn’t come out and do something stupid in 4 minutes, I’m going to bed. Angry.

10:54 pm: GAGA JUST GOT BEAT BY A 4th GRADER?! Either the world is ending or 12-year-old girls with cellphones have more power than I thought.

10:56 pm: Question: Is this Linkin Park thing A) a prank, B) a drunken hallucination, or C) did I somehow travel back in time to 2008?

10:58 pm: Answer: It doesn’t matter. It’s bad. Why so much screaming?!

11:04 pm: Where. Is. Kanye?

11:05 pm: HOLY SH*T! Cher stole my New Year’s outfit.

11:07 pm: Lady Gaga in bacon FTW!

11:13 pm: I’m not sure what is going on in this Kanye performance but I like it. Welcome back, Kanye. We missed you. Well, everyone besides Taylor.

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