Intro to Cooking: Cantaloupe Crepes

Though Labor Day has come and gone, it’s still officially summer until the autumn equinox on September 22. Or, if you measure seasons as I do, until summer produce is no longer ripe. There’s still time to fill up on fruit, as the peak time for melons usually lasts through September. And this summer has been a hot one—especially on the east coast—above-average temps mean greater and longer-lasting crops of cantaloupe.

I know what you’re thinking—cantaloupe? Those pale-orange cubes that stuff the bottom of caf fruit cups (when all you really want are more strawberries)? Hey, just because it’s been used as filler for exotic fruits doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own merits! Cantaloupe is extremely cheap and one cup contains just 66 calories, so it’s easy to fill up without blowing your diet. Cut fruit can keep for up to a week, and sustainable living enthusiasts will appreciate that the United States is one of the major producers of cantaloupe.

Easy Meals
1. Halve a cantaloupe and scoop out the middle with a melon baller (set little balls aside). Fill with Greek yogurt, granola, and almonds for a great breakfast!

2. Put the melon balls in a baggie for an easy snack on the go, or toss with grapes, apple slices, or any other fruit of your choice for a quick fruit salad. Garnish with cottage cheese for some low-fat protein.

3. Or, put the melon balls in a blender with some sugar and blend till smooth to make cantaloupe puree. Add two parts puree to two parts vodka (peach, anyone?) and one part lime juice for a light cocktail.

The Recipe: Cantaloupe Crepes

Not all indulgences have to be rich or dense. These crepes are an airy, healthy, yet filling breakfast—or dessert!—that would be perfectly served at your next rush event.

(Makes about 20 7-inch crepes)

2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
3 tablespoons melted butter
1/4 tsp salt
Thinly sliced ham (you could also use prosciutto)
Cantaloupe – thinly sliced
Brie (cut up)


1. Blend everything except the ham, cantaloupe, and brie for about 10-15 seconds until combined. Refrigerate and let rest for one hour.

2. Put a little butter in a small nonstick skillet on medium heat. When warm, ladle about 1 oz of batter into the pan, swirling around. When it’s ready to flip (usually about 30-60 seconds), it will be dry on top and crinkly around the edges. Use a rubber spatula to peek if necessary, when it gets close to being ready to flip it will release from the pan.

3. Once you flip, the other side will only take about a minute, so put your toppings on half of the crepe, like an omelet, then fold. Then do it all again.

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