Shop Your Closet: Full Skirt

[When moving into either a dorm or an off-campus apartment, your wardrobe will face two major challenges: 1. A major lack of funding (to add more to it). 2. A major lack of storage space.

For these two reasons alone, maximizing what you do own becomes essential. That’s why you need to learn to Shop Your Closet. Each week, I’ll show you how to wear 1 item 3 ways – with the stuff you most likely already own! – to get the most out of your purchases.]

Fashion is all about recycling trends (which is why I kick myself when I think about all those leggings I got rid of in the ’90s ). One decade that made a strong reappearance during the Fall/Winter 2010 runway shows was the 1950s.  With the overwhelming popularity of Man Med, this really comes as no surprise; I mean, Banana Republic has a line to accompany the show! The re-emergence of the ’50s style means it’s time to break out the full skirt! But rather than looking like you’re an extra on Mad Men or a month early for Halloween, it’s important to know how to wear it right.

With Socks:

Skirt, Top, Sweater, Socks, Booties.

This is the season to focus on socks and the full skirt is the perfect way to do it. Grab a cute pair of knee-high socks (which are both adorable AND functional as they will keep your legs warm on cool, fall days) and start layering. Just grab a button-up shirt and tuck it into the skirt, top it off with your favorite cardigan, then slip on the ankle booties you nabbed last fall. And if you don’t feel like rocking heels, you can swap them out for your knee-high boots and let the socks peek over the top instead.

With Lace:

Skirt, Top, Flats, Bag.

Did you know the full skirt can work for night as well? The key to pulling this off is balancing it out with something a bit more sexy. Like lace or a silky cami.  Add some sparkly flats (or even patent pumps) for added pizazz and a bright colored bag and you’re all set to hit the town.

With Class:

Skirt, Top, Blazer, Shoes.

I l-o-v-e mixing and matching different shapes, textures and styles. It just makes things more interesting and, when working with a full skirt, more modern. For this look, I added a bow-tied top under a cropped blazer and oxford-heels for a more scholarly look. But work with what you’ve got. Try a t-shirt under a cardigan with some funky necklace. Or a tank under a blazer and some flat boots. This skirt is incredibly versatile so play around in your closet and you’ll find hundreds of ways to wear it.

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If You’re Having Sex, Do It Safely
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