The Bachelor Pad: The Final Twist

….And in the end, Dave and Natalie won the $250,000.

The finale of The Bachelor Pad was surprisingly low-key compared to the rest of the season.  Minimal tears, not one drunk person…even the “tell-all” question sesh was less than juicy.  So we found out Dave used to smack talk about the older contestants on the show. Seriously, who cares?

The big excitement came for me not while the couples were dancing (or in Kovacs and Elizabeth’s case, awkwardly looking at each other), when Tenley was baby talking (which was the whole show) or when Kovacs announced he was single (um, call me!), but rather when we got to see Gia and Wes reunited.  Any leftover hatred I had harbored for Wes from Jillian’s Bachelorette season had evaporated early on in the Bachelor Pad.  But, let it be known, tonight I transitioned to full on loving him.  Come on, was the man not totally precious!?

I may be paraphrasing, but do you remember when he said, “What’s $250,000 when I’ve got a million bucks sitting right next to me?” and then looked over at Gia.  Okay- one, two, three…awwwwwwwww!  Please know that right after I write this I’m going to put in The Notebook and cry into big bottle of seltzer (perhaps with a little vodka, just for fun).

All this got me thinking, though.  If you were on the show and had to date these men, who do you think would be the most capable of holding a successful relationship?  The least?  At the beginning of the season, I would have told you there was no way Dave could ever be loyal to one girl, even in a competitive arena.  I also would have told you I’d date Jesse B. in a hot second.  And then we learned Jesse likes to pick other people’s noses and I quickly changed my mind.

Having watched what feels like a hundred hours of these people’s trials and tribulations, I think I know everyone well enough now to formulate a more solid opinion.  We all know Kiptyn is BF material, but frankly he bores me so I’m really not interested.  And putting Wes aside, because that would be too obvious, I think Kovacs and Dave are genuinely decent guys.  Throw them a couple of sane, attractive girls and I have full confidence they’d make it work.  We already saw that Dave has the ability to be quasi-monogamous.  His partner in bromance, Jesse Kovacs, wouldn’t be far behind in the dating arena if he wasn’t hanging around with idiots.

On the other hand, Weatherman and Craig still totally gross me out and I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot poll.  Not even if they were holding out Louis Vuitton bags filled with cash, just for me.

What are your thoughts, intelligent CollegeCandy readers?  Which guys were shoveling out the BS and which were down-to-earth this season on The Bachelor Pad?

My fingers are crossed that this show was a wild success and will be coming back for a second season. (Editor’s Note: it should – somehow it has a higher rate of creating successful relationships than the Bachelor and Bachelorette combined….) Until then, I hope I won’t be alone in missing Chris Harrison and lusting for Melissa’s sparkly dresses!

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