The Lady Gaga Look Is Getting Old

Thank God Sam Ronson's pitbull was locked up for the night....

Lady Gaga: performance artist, musician, diva, pot-stirrer, general crazy person…but fashion icon?  I don’t think so.  With bows made out of her own hair, latex leotards and barely-there bubble bras, it’s easy to wonder why the hell Gaga can’t just wear a little black dress like the rest of us.  She says there’s a message behind her couture creations, as was once again exhibited when she talked her way out of the VMA madness that was her meat dress. But seriously, as a woman who loves to outdo herself, did the meat dress take it one step too far?

It seems to me like Gaga’s tricks are starting to catch up with her.  When she was fresh on the music scene, she was an instant sensation.  Everyone was talking about her new brand of sexuality and the costumes that seemed to show it all off (always sans pants).  From teacups to bondage, everything was dramatic and everything seemed to be saying something.  And Gaga let us have our fun.  In interviews she played painfully coy, yet completely liberated, saying her wardrobe was an intense exhibition of expression.  We ate it up.

But now, post-meat dress and her explanation thereof, I kinda think she’s been taking us for a ride.  And I’m ready to call BS on the whole thing.

So the infamous filet mignon shoulder pads and London broil bodice were supposed to indicate that, to quote the Lady herself, “if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.”  Uhhh… OK.  That’s totally what I took from the whole thing.

The problem that comes with an outfit as ridiculous as the canine’s dream she wore on Sunday (besides the fact that it was, uh, RAW MEAT) is that while, yes, she’s creating a stir now, can she create an equally as large ripple of commentary through future outfits?  Or will the seemingly last-minute symbolism be so apparent that fans and critics begin to see through her thin veil of “just another weird girl who likes sex and fashion” persona?  She’s beginning to unravel as the longest running publicity stunt of our time.  As Gaga pushes the envelope further, the reasoning behind the outfits sounds more and more botched.

Come on now, how can a dress made entirely of Kermit the Frogs or, even better, a bird nest over her face say anything about female power, sexuality, personal rights, or whatever other crap she throws at us?

Lady Gaga, I fear the days of your reign over the fashion underworld are coming to a close.  Please have enough faith in your “Little Monsters” that they’re smart enough to detect genuine art from a twenty-something with an identity crisis.  Maybe, before it’s too late, you should throw on a pair of sweats and a baggy t-shirt and explain the meaning behind that one.  You might be surprised to hear how well people relate to, “Uhh, it was laundry day?”

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