These Kids See Right Through The Kardashians

America’s most famous family has some serious drama.  If you’ve picked up a tabloid within the last three years, you know that with the Kardashian Klan, things aren’t always as they appear – and if you’ve ever heard the details of Kim’s beauty ritual, you know that appearances are everything to the sisters.  That’s probably why eldest sis Kourntey and her beau Scott are such a fan of sidewalk PDA – it may just be their only chance at putting those incessant breakup rumors to rest.

Meanwhile, the most famous Kardashian, Kim is too busy to worry about a little thing like her reputation.  She’s fulfilling all kinds of arduous duties like presenting at the VMAs and posing for magazine covers with gorgeous guys (don’t you feel like, soooo sorry for her?)  Do you think she gets these opportunities because of the solid work ethic she is so quick to bring up?  Or, do you think momager Kris favors her second-born and goes out of her way to seek out opportunities for her?   I’ll let you judge.

Unfortunately, Kim was forced to share the spotlight with the self-proclaimed “skinniest sister” while modeling their new QVC line.  I would ask where Khloe was during all this, but I think we all know the answer.  (Hint: it starts with an “L” and rhymes with “amar Odom”)  But even with all the work these ladies to at “Keeping Up” appearances, it seems these little cuties see right through the shenanigans. What do you think is a more accurate representation of the Kardashian lifetyle: that video, or Kim’s Allure magazine testimonial?

I think I’ll give this round to the Babblegum kids.

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