Sexy Time: Role Playing 101

I’m gonna make a bold statement here:

Role playing is ESSENTIAL in any long-term, monogamous relationship.

And it’s just plain fun in any other situation.

Role playing allows us to live out our fantasies in a comfortable, safe situation, and adds some much needed variety to our sex lives. But as fun as it is to be someone else for a bit, it can also be really nerve-racking. We’re not all professional actors, and pretending to be someone else, especially when you’re naked and vulnerable, can be hard.

If you’ve never done it before, do it. And if you’re not sure how, here are my answers to a few questions you probably have:

Q. How do I tell my partner I want to role-play with seeming like I’m bored with him/her?

A. “I’ve always thought it would be really hot to sleep with a professor. Can I call you Dr. ______ tonight?” Most partners will be happy to help you fulfill your fantasies.

Q. What are some good role play scenarios to try?

A. Anything that turns you on. My favorites are situations where one person has to talk the other into sex because it’s “forbidden.” Something like teacher/student or boss/employee can be really hot, and you can alternate who does the convincing (i.e. naughty student or pervy professor).

Q. What do I say? How do I act?

A. Don’t try too hard or over think it; just say what comes naturally. In a “forbidden” scenario, the conversation is practically written for you (“I’m not sure about this.” “Don’t worry, no one has to know.”). For other scenarios just keep it basic in the beginning. Doctor/nurse – talk about the hospital you work at, firefighter/rescued person – talk about how scared you were and how thankful you are. It’s good to throw in some sexy stuff, but don’t force it. “I’ve wanted you all semester” is much hotter than “I’ll suck your D for an A.” You get the picture.

Q. What if I get tired of it halfway through?

A. It’s totally fine to use role playing as foreplay and then go back to your normal self when the sexing gets really hot. Not everyone can keep up the façade when they’re under so much intense pleasure. You’re partner will understand.

Q. Do I have to dress up?

A. No, but it might be fun. We’re college students, so we all know how to work a theme party. Feel free to apply the same ideas to the bedroom.

Well, there you go. Now you’re ready to start experimenting with new roles to play in the bedroom. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments!

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