The Know: Lands End Gets a Major Makeover

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So I barely look at my mail. Save for my magazines and some choice catalogs (J. Crew, Banana, Bloomies, to name a few), I hardly give my mail a second glance before tossing it in the growing pile on my desk. (What’s the point? Most f it is earth-killing junk mail from Bank of America anyway.) But the other day, staring at me like a beacon of light was a NEW catalog. Something I had never seen before.

The cover called to me.
The clothes looked cute.
And the models looked like they were having so much damn fun in those cute clothes.

What was this stranger lurking in my mailbox? I searched the cover, fully expecting it to be some super special fall lookbook from J.Crew.  And then I saw it:

“Introducing Canvas 1963, by Lands End.”

Yes, Lands End. The land of mom jeans, grandma sweaters and not-so-trendy outerwear. Home of those infamous canvas totes. The store between Gap and Aldo that I never once stepped foot in.

But all that’s changed.

It’s like that nerdy boy in high school who you never really noticed unless he was picking his nose and eating it and then when you came home for your first Thanksgiving break he had somehow turned into a bonafide hunk.  In the realm of clothes, Canvas 1963 is that bonafide hunk.

The new Lands End line is brimming with adorable pants (like perfectly relaxed boyfriend chinos), hats (houndstooth pageboy caps that are to die for), and oversized sweaters (with toggles!) that I want to cuddle up in while sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte. And their knee-high suede boots? Want, want, want. The line is a bit pricier than the standard Lands End staples, but well worth it for the major lack of mom butt. Plus, this stuff looks just like the casual styles at J. Crew, without the majorly inflated prices.

Boyfriend jeans have replaced mom jeans at Lands End and I’m about to be all up on Canvas 1963.
And now that you know, you will be too.

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