SNICK – Where Are They Now?

Before Saturday nights were all about staying up late and quizzing each other with exam flashcards and making a lot of bad choices, they were about tricking your babysitter into breaking your bedtime rules so you could watch SNICK. Because it wasn’t a quality weekend if you didn’t scare yourself into never sleeping after watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Due to our unwavering ’90s obsession, we felt obligated to do some research and find out what happened to some of your favorite SNICK stars.

Clarissa of Clarissa Explains It All

Before casting her spell on Harvey Kinkle and tweens nationwide, Melissa Joan Hart was a rather famous, scrunchie-sporting high-schooler. While dealing with annoyances such as her brother, Ferguson, Clarissa philosophized about the happenings of teenage life. After a lull in her career, Melissa Joan Hart has recently hooked up with fellow ’90s star (and fellow DWTS alum) Joey Lawrence as co-stars in ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey. Let’s hope their sitcom is more entertaining than their recent made for TV movie, My Fake Fiance.

Sam of Clarissa Explains It All

Before the days of Joey and Dawson, there was a ladder-fueled friendship that all girls adored. Every time I found myself in some kind of puzzle at the ripe age of nine, I wished I was as lucky as Clarissa. Sam, played by Sean O’Neal, was Clarrisa’s best (and forever platonic) friend. Nowadays, Sean O’Neal describes himself as a “triple threat” that the business loves. But, based on his IMDB profile, I’m not sure what business he is referring to.

Nick of All That

Joining the cast of All That in 1998, Nick Cannon launched his career by entertaining young audiences with skits such as this. He eventually starred in a show of an eponymous title, enjoyed a short-lived vocation as a rapper with hits like Gigolo, and got his band-geek on in Drumline. Now, Cannon has made several career-furthering moves, such as becoming the host of America’s Got Talent and marrying singer Mariah Carey.

Kel of All That

A few months ago, an Internet rumor spread like a Colorado wildfire that Kel Mitchell had died. I was heartbroken, praying that such a tragedy had not occurred. Lucky for me, the only thing that appeared to be truly dead was Kel’s career as a leading funnyman. Starring on All That during its prime, Kel created characters that will forever go hand-in-hand with my childhood memories. Anyone else still crave a Good Burger? With two new movies coming out in the near future, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for Kel and a possible comeback. Hopefully, he’ll still be rocking the braided bob and raspy, yeah-dude lingo.

Alex of The Secret World of Alex Mack

Words cannot describe how obsessed I was with Alex Mack. I watched every episode, had the book series, and often wished that I would have some weird reaction to soap – giving me the power to transform into a liquid blob— while washing the dinner dishes. You would think Larisa Oleynik’s coolness had peaked as Alex, but she went on to play Bianca Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You, helping us teenage girls define the difference between like and love. With a few roles here and there, she also starred in a movie titled Relative Obscurity in 2007, which seems to reflect her current state in Hollywood.

Ray of The Secret World of Alex Mack

Darris Love played Alex Mack’s best friend, Ray. Thinking her powers were “cool”, he kept Alex’s secret. Since, Darris had several guest roles on shows like Sister, Sister; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and CSI. Bet he wishes kids were still into chemically mutated teenage girls instead of blue, 8-foot tall aliens.

Big Pete Wrigley of The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Before joining Pete and Pete as one half of America’s favorite red-headed duo, Mike Maronna starred in both Home Alone movies. With lines like “Kevin, you’re such a disease” you would think that Maronna had a bright future ahead of him. He’s had a few small roles recently, including a stint in a Nada Surf video, but nothing of great significance. Perhaps if he followed his old pal Artie the Strongest Man in the World’s workout plan, he would see some better results.

Shelby Woo of The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Cracking spooky cases with the help of her friends, Irene Ng portrayed whip-smart teenager Shelby Woo for three years on Snick. Turns out her intelligence was no act. After playing adolescent Lindo in critically acclaimed The Joy Luck Club, she went on to attend Harvard and work at Merrill Lynch.

Bobby Walker of Cousin Skeeter

My love for Cousin Skeeter may have to do with my childhood fascination with all things puppet-related. Or, it may have been due to Robert Ri’chard and his gorgeous green eyes. He put up with all of Skeeter’s craziness for 16 episodes. Since, he’s had many small roles (with real people) and was seen most recently as recurring character Derek on Meet the Browns.

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