Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Over Yet?!

Did this week go insanely slow or was it just us? Maybe it was the lack of excitement at the VMAS or maybe it was the lack of any celebrity scandals (like, LiLo pull it together and do something crazy. We misss youuu). Either way we’re very ready for the weekend. But just in case you weren’t around this week, here’s what you missed:

– Fashion Week distracted us from everything. The clothes were amazing and the coverage was even better.

– We were wowed by all the Welcome Week photos that came pouring in this week. We laughed a lot. And then cried because we miss college so much. And then shared a bottle of wine.

– Will.I.Am reminded us that he’s not only extremely talented, but also a great addition to the Sesame Street family.

– We decided that Lady Gaga’s meat dress crossed the line. Like what’s next – lamb chop lingerie at the Grammys?

Also fantasy football sucks. Did you know some boys choose make-believe sports over real life sex??

– Turns out your friends, your Bffs, your galpals have been lying to you about washing their hands post restroom usage. What else have they been lying about?

– Our fave sorority gal gave us the 411 on the do’s and don’t of rush. All was not calm in sorority land, though, and a little political debate broke out in the comments.

– Newsweek contacted us and was all “Major in THIS to make money” and we were all “Major in this if you want to LIKE your career.

Taylor Swift put us to sleep at the VMAs with her lackluster song to Kanye. The good news is that we’ve been playing it to fall asleep at night.

– We found out that our new favorite bathroom item is Vaseline. Why? Um, it’s a thousand times more useful than any other product you own.

– Last but not least, our 9th grade health teacher took over the sex column this week and reminded us to be safe.

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Surprise! Speidi’s Baaaack!
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