CollegeCandy’s Guide to On-Campus Jobs

Going to college is so much more than hauling your butt out of bed before noon on a Friday to sit in the back of a lecture hall and attempt the daily Sudoku. In order to even be considered for a job in this economy, students are expected to pull great grades, take on multiple leadership roles on campus and still manage to avoid going completely broke (not to mention swing awesome summer internships).

Whew. Just thinking about it makes me sweat.
And then thinking of all those craptastic jobs out there makes me ill. I don’t want to waste my precious free time flipping burgers or folding clothes at The Gap.

If you’re looking to inch ahead of your classmates and line your pockets with a little beer money, we’ve got your back. Below is our guide to the best on-campus jobs. Whether they pay big bucks, offer flexible hours that don’t conflict with your social life, or give you plenty of free time to do your homework, these are the gigs worth fighting (and giving up your afternoons) for.

Res Life Security / Mail Desk Clerk:
These are great jobs for any budding social butterfly. Your friends can stop by to say hello, keep you company as you sign guests in an out of the dorms and even bring you a delicious cheesy calzone from downtown (these are the best kinds of friends, in my opinion). Even better, if you work the mail desk, you know exactly who is receiving the best care packages from Mom or Grandma… and you know where they live. Both are great jobs because you are constantly interacting with new people… and scoping out the adorable male specimens living in your dorm!

Tutoring: English major? Consider editing papers for a few bucks. Or helping someone reword cover letters and resumes. Are you a closeted calculus connoisseur? Pimp your skills out on the bulletin boards in your dorm hallways. You can make your own schedule, set your own prices and improve your own grades. (It’s proven that teaching someone class material increases your own knowledge of the subject. Sweet!)

Desk Job at the Library, Campus Museum, or in the Computer Labs: What do all of these jobs have in common? Incredible amounts of down-time. If you can snag one of these jobs, you will be envied by ALL of your friends. Basically you are getting paid to do your homework. Bring your textbook and your laptop (if allowed, obviously) and get cracking on your studies!

Bartender/Cocktail Waitress: You may have to sacrifice a few nights out with your friends, but you will make TONS of money. And, let’s be honest, most of your friends will opt to spend their evenings at your “office” in hopes of scoring some free shots. You will be the gatekeeper of the Long Island Ice Teas, the Redbull and Vodkas, the Dollar Pitchers. Talk about holding a lot of power. There are plenty of bars willing to train their own staff, but you can use any breaks to get certified and perfect your craft. (And with two or three weeks left of summer, you’ve got plenty of time to sign up for a bartending class!)

Concert Venue / Sports Staff: Didn’t get football tickets this season? Blasphemy, I know. You don’t have to completely miss out on kick-off, half-time and the atmosphere of a college football Saturday. Work the concessions stand during a game or sign up to be an usher. You may miss tailgating and the pay probably isn’t great, but you won’t develop a severe case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). And on the same note, if you can’t afford to pay to see whatever band is swinging into your college town this fall, work during the concert. The amount of work you have to do is a bare minimum and you get to see the show for free. Cha-ching!

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