A Day in the Life of a College Student

A few days ago, The Huffington Post provided its readers with a BLS pie chart that depicted the daily schedule of the average college student. Apparently, we are barely grooming, sleeping 8+ hours, and living “pretty awesome” lives.

I am definitely not challenging the awesome comment. I spent yesterday lounging on my front porch, catching some rays while doing my homework. In the words of a very drugged out 8-year-old: Is this real life?

At the same time, though, The Government’s statistics are far from true concerning the lives of my friends and I. The day I meet a student that sleeps 8.4 hours nightly, I will lock them in a room until they share all their snoozing secrets with me.

Inresponse to the pie chart, we at CollegeCandy have crafted our own breakdown of the typical weekday in the life of a college student. The statistics may be far from scientific, but being girls who are really good at college, we feel they shed a more accurate light on the average student’s day.

Breaking it Down

Sleeping – 6 hours
If I could get about six hours of sleep a night, I would be able to pat way less Benefit Boi-ing on top of the dark circles haunting my eyes. 8.4 hours would be like a dream… too bad I’m too busy not sleeping to be able to live it.

Facebook Creepin’ – 3 hours
Sad but true.

Hanging Out With Friends (AKA, Group Facebook Creepin’) – 2 hours
Sadder but truer.

Watching Bravo Marathons – 3 hours
I discovered the Real Housewives of Atlanta as a sophomore. Soon, Bravo acted as some sort of black hole, pulling me in and never letting me see the light of day/productivity again.

Considering Working Out – 1 hour
It takes a long time and a lot of internal debate to determine whether your afternoon free time would be better spent on a treadmill or on a couch with Facebook and The Real Housewives.

Working Out – 30 minutes
Because that’s all the time you have left after brooding about it for an hour.

Work (including commute time) – 3 hours
Typically, students with jobs work more than 3 hours a day. But, since they’re not working every day, this number is more of a weekly average. Procrastination/homework time can and do overlap here, especially if you’re blessed with one of those ideal campus jobs.

Class – 3 hours
Yes, you know.. That thing we’re all here for… an education. Class should take up a good portion of a student’s day. That is, if they actually go.

Studying/Reading – 2 hours
On a good day.

Complaining About How Tired You Are – 1 hours
“I am so tired, you don’t even understand!” [Chugs Diet Coke.]

Complaining About How Stressed You Are – 1 hours
“I am so stressed, you don’t even understand!” Of course, we’d all be less stressed if we spent last time whining about it.

Eating/Drinking – 2 hours
For some this means relaxing meals (and three trips to the fro yo machine) with friends in the cafeteria. And for others it’s pounding a few Hot Pockets before chugging beers to the beat of Ke$ha. Whatev.

How do you spend your day?

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