Body Blog: Need Some Motivation?

When every guy you know is a complete let down, your major is still undecided and you can’t find the perfect pair of boots, you feel defeated/without control/craving a brownie.

But just because some things never go right, there is one thing in your life that is 100% up to you: your health.

Oftentimes, life feels so out of your control that you may begin to give up, which usually ends with a pint of ice cream, binge eating your way through the fridge or forgoing the gym altogether in favor of trashy reality TV in bed. Well, I am here to tell you to STOP. Just because something else didn’t work out the way you wanted it to does not mean you should let your diet, body and health go out the window as well.

Easier said than done, I know, but next time you’re thinking of kicking your feet up with a large pizza instead of going for a jog, run a few of these motivating factors through that head of yours. Better yet, print this out and tape it on your mini-fridge. Bye bye, excuses!

1. Make him do a double take.
They say success is the best revenge, especially when it comes to that one guy. You have to admit that nothing will feel better than walking by him looking fitter than fit. OK, so you shouldn’t be working out for anyone else but yourself, but trust me on this: seeing that look of pain and regret on his face (or a look of awe and desire on someone else’s) is 110% all about you.

2. Stay in shape.
Duh, the whole point of exercising is to stay in shape, but it couldn’t be more important than in college. To say we don’t lead the healthiest lives is like saying that Pauly D sorta likes hair gel. Read: biggest understatement of the year. Between the snacking, the drinking, the late nights, etc., we need to get the exercise in whenever we can to combat our poor choices and stay as fit and healthy as possible. That could be something as easy as taking the stairs wherever you go (which, you’ll see, isn’t quite as easy for everyone) or hopping on a Spin bike a few days a week.

3. Fitting into your skinny jeans.
Regardless of our body shape, nothing feels better than effortlessly pulling up that denim and zipping it up. Oh what was that? It feels a little loose? NICE.

4. You don’t want to acquire any of the health related risks that come with obesity.
It’s already a lot of work to try to get an appointment with the doc, but trying to schedule follow ups because of Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t exactly make you feel in control of your life. If you can prevent any health problems by simply watching your diet and being active every day, then do it. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Think of it like this: if you can find an hour to Facebook stalk your crush, then you can find an hour to run/bike/gym. (And really, with iPhones and Droids and Blackberries, you can FB stalk him FROM the gym.)

5. To see yourself smiling back
Sure, all of these superficial things are great, but the best feeling in the world is looking at your reflection in the mirror and being happy. Once you can look at yourself and think, “Wow, I love the way I look and feel,” then others will look at you and think the same way. You show off to the world what you feel in your heart and it all starts with good health, a balanced lifestyle and a positive attitude.

There are so many things that could go wrong in a day. You could wake up 3 hours late for class and miss a midterm or the heel of your favorite pumps could break off. (Editor’s Note: Or you could go out for the night and somehow lose one pump on the way home….) One thing that you can always be in control of is the food you put in your body and the workout regimen you follow. Our bodies are temples so we have to remember, no matter what, to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Even when nothing else is going our way.

Tell me, CollegeCandy readers: what gets you motivated?

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