Our Dream Lineup for Glee Season 2

I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that Glee returns with an entirely new season tomorrow! We’ve heard from numerous sources that the television phenomenon is coming back with a vengeance this year – bigger numbers, more drama, and some seriously awesome guest stars, including super talented YouTube sensation Charice, John Stamos (he’s not just Uncle Jesse, you know), and uh…just some girl you may have heard of named BRITNEY FREAKIN’ SPEARS (can you tell I’m a little excited? True story: I’ve been having Glee-themed dreams. Don’t judge.)

That’s all well and good (OK, great!), but after the phenomenon that was season 1, Glee’s gotta go HUGE this year if they wanna stay on top. And I’ve got 11 fantastic ideas to help them out.

1. Michael Jackson episode:
Since they’ve already honored The Queen Of Pop (how good was the Madonna episode?) they have to give The King similar treatment.  A Michael Jackson episode is an absolute must.

If Mr. Shue wants to steal doe-eyed Emma back from her dentist beau (played by John Stamos, in all his gorgeous glory) he’s going to have to call upon all the appeal he can muster (which is A LOT.)  “PYT” would be the perfect number for him to do this.  Can’t you just imagine him moon walking around the teacher’s lounge?  Swoon.

And I don’t know about you, but I personally won’t rest until I see Sue doing the iconic “Thriller” dance.

2. ‘An ‘Nsync episode:
Madonna is to Michael Jackson is what Britney is to ‘Nsync. With that being said, an episode dedicated to what was arguably the best boy band ever is crucial.   Lea Michele (who plays Rachel) has been pulling for a cameo from frontman Justin Timberlake, and she’s not the only one.

The boys could take on “Tearin’ Up My Heart” to their respective lady loves who are too engrossed in Justin (maybe the new janitor?) to worry about them. Then they could sing “Bye, Bye, Bye” to J.T since I’m guessing none of them will be a huge fan of the star’s influence on their girlfriends… Well, with the exception of Kurt, who could cover “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You.”  If anyone can steal Finn’s place in his heart, I’m thinking it’s one Justin Timberlake.

3. Broadway songs:

Whether or not you like show tunes, you have to admit that Kurt and Rachel’s take on “Defying Gravity” was epic.  Lea Michele made a huge name for herself originating the lead role in Spring Awakening, and I’d love to see an episode based around this absolutely incredible show.

4. Mariah Carey numbers:
I can see it now: Mariah Carey as a total MILF who runs into Puck as she drops her son (played by Nick Cannon, obvi) off for his first day of school. Sparks fly and before you know it, she’s seducing everyone’s favorite player with a sultry “Touch My Body.” It’s almost too easy!

5. Disney Numbers:

Field trip to Disney World! Tina could exercise her ever-present identity crisis with “Reflection,” a lonely Mr. Shue could croon an acoustic version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” as images of the happy student couples flash onscreen, and Rachel and Finn could gaze into each others eyes and belt out “A Whole New World” while running hand in hand through the park wearing matching Mickey ears.

6. Sara Bareilles, “Gravity”:
This ballad is really beautiful and Tina has the soft, sweet voice to pull it off.  Even though she’s torn between Artie and “Other Asian” (Mike Chang) this season, she could sing the line “something always brings me back to you” to her true love.  BTW, I’m Team Artie.

7. Pat Beneatar, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot “:
Last season’s “Like A Virgin” montage was sick, and I totally want to see another one.  “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is the perfect sassy, playful number – the kind the Glee clubbers do best.  Each of the couples could take a few lines and sing to each other while moving around different parts of the school.

8. Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars – Billionaire:

Rachel would absolutely kill this radio standard (but what else is new?).  I mean,…”Every time I close my eyes/ I see my name in shining lights?”  We know you do, Rach.

9. NeYo and Rihanna, “Hate That I Love You”:
Ryan Murphy has never been a fan of the predictable, so I say: why not make this traditionally guy/girl duet a same sex number?  Quinn and Santana could do this one, singing about their boy Puck. Killer.

10. Matchbox 20, “If You’re Gone”:

Puck to Quinn, after he cheats on her with Santana…which he WILL.

11. Spice Girls medley:
I don’t care what they sing or how they do it as long as Emma loses the cardigan and channels Ginger Spice. Home girl needs more camera time!

So what songs do you want to hear this season?  Let us know!

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