The Weekly Ten: Amp Up Your Monday

Every week, I write a list. Definitely not a to-do list (because it’s not satisfying checking “browse J.Crew’s website” and “Re-watch every episode of Rachel Zoe” off a list) and not “that list” (because I haven’t added to that list… in forever). No, my lists are more about whatever is relevant and weighing heavy on the CollegeCandy readers’ minds (or just mine) right now. And right now the only thing on my mind is M-M-M-Monday. Shoot me.

It’s Monday. It’s 9 AM. I really, really hate my life right now. The week ahead of me has nothing but schoolwork, actual work, an overwhelming TV schedule, events and encroaching cold, rainy weather. I wake up late on Mondays (okay, almost every day). My shirt might be on inside out, but who knows – my eyes are too bleary to look in a mirror. My Sunday was spent shopping and gallivanting instead of cleaning and preparing myself mentally for the upcoming hell week.

Seriously, and if you even quote Office Space “Case of the Mondays” at me, I will smack you.

I hate Mondays and you know what, Garfield? You’re not the only one allowed to hate Mondays. All you do is clog up my newspaper, eat lasagna and rag on poor Jon all day long. Tough life.

Here are the top ten ways to pick up your Monday (aside from picking up the funnies page, clearly).

10. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Feed your need for caffeine with Starbucks seasonal treats. But, obviously be careful to not make it a weekly habit. It becomes expensive, and heavy on the calories. Definitely just keep it to the crummy Mondays.

9. Sing in the Shower. Loudly.
Scream the songs that we know are going to be over soon. I mean, really, how much longer are you going to want to sing “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz? Keep dancing to a minimum, particularly if you have glass shower doors. Not that I’m speaking from experience…. it was… a friend of mine.

8. Plan a Rachel Zoe Project Season Finale Party with Team Zoe Theme Costumes.
Just me? Come on, how fun would this be? Serving the cocktails in Starbucks cups? Oversized sunglasses? Metro/straight guys in scarves drinking Heinekens and wishing they could watch the “game” (aka RuPaul Race Out of the Closet or whatever that show’s called)? Complaining about awards season and our pounding headaches that can’t possibly be attributed to wearing 50 lbs of fur in the California heat? OK, so this won’t work for every Monday, but it’s good enough to get me through today. Who’s with me?

7. Online Shopping
There are so many great deals out there right now and with fall just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on sweaters and skinny jeans (and boots and military jackets and scarves and….). What with the whole not wanting to move on Mondays, nor looking our best to actually try on clothes, what better way to spice up the beginning of your week than a little online retail therapy? From class/work?!

6. Wear Something Fun
I’m not talking about a wild scarf. I’m talking about those leopard print undies that make you feel great no matter what.

5. Treat Yourself to a Healthy, Delicious Breakfast
This one takes a little prep work but the pay off is fantastic. Wake up early and prepare yourself a mini-breakfast feast of eggs, toast and fresh fruit. To even further spoil yourself? Take yourself out to a sit down cafe before your classes or work to unwind before turning your brain on for the day.

4. Morning Talk Shows
Nothing wakes me up more than Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Kelly Ripa screaming and hyperventilating all over day time television. In matchy-matchy clothes.

3. Read Your Favorite Blog/Site
CollegeCandy, of course, at the top of the list. But, some other favorites like NYMagazine, Celebuzz and our friends over at CollegeFashion can hit the spot too.

2. Make a List
And it doesn’t have to be a Top 10 list for a website (though that helps, too). I’m talking about a to-do list, a what-I-need-to-tackle list, a get-my-ridonk-schedule-down-on-paper-so-I-know-exactly-what-I-need-to-handle-so-I-don’t-have-a-mental-breakdown-this-week list. This will not only help you get organized and mentally prepared for the day and week ahead, but it will feel so. damn. good. every day as you victoriously cross each task off that sucker.

1. YouTube. A lot of YouTube.
Do you really want to know what I watch every day to get myself pumped up for the week? This. And this.

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