Which Colleges Have the Most Sexually Satisfied Students?

We’re all about scientific studies that explore sexuality, and that’s why we immediately read this latest one about which region in America is the most sexually satisfied. Surprisingly Middle America pulled ahead in a big way with 4/5 of the top 5 cities being from the Midwest. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been so surprised. What else is there to do out there besides have sex?

But it got us to wondering if these stats matched up to college campuses? Are Midwestern college students more sexually satisfied than east coast college students? Are your friends at Butler University (located in the #1 most sexually satisfied city) having better sex than your friends at Brown (located in the 4th least sexually satisfied city). We’re throwing these questions out to you to see what you’ve heard and what you think.

We’re not looking for scientific evidence. We’re just looking for real live college students to let us know what it’s like on their campuses compared to their friends who attend schools in other regions.

So let us hear it!

Lindsay Lohan, We Are Really Getting Concerned
Lindsay Lohan, We Are Really Getting Concerned
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