Welcome Week Photo Contest Finalists [VOTE]

We launched a photo contest at the beginning of the semester that challenged all our readers to send in a Welcome Week photo that said “I love being back at school.” While we expected a few good ones, we were in no way prepared for the awesomeness onslaught we got when we started looking through your photos on our Facebook wall. From slip and slides to ski shots, we were impressed with your Welcome Week spirit…and jealous of how much fun you are all clearly having.

And of course, the winner will be having a lot more fun when she goes home with $500 from lulus.com!

We chose our top five favorite entries (which was hard, let me tell you) and posted them here so YOU can vote on which one most says WELCOME WEEK. Because, honestly, we’re too busy looking through our own Welcome Week photo albums (insert nostalgia) to pick our favorite.

You have from now until noon ET on Monday, September 27th to cast your vote. Then we’ll close the polls, count the votes and announce the BIG WINNER on Twitter and Facebook (so start following us, fools). And then she’ll jump for joy and spend the next 10 hours poring over Lulus.com, figuring out how she’ll spend that $500!

P.S. If you’re one of the lucky finalists, be sure to promote your photo on Twitter and Facebook! $500 dollars worth of new clothes is at stake. This is no time for modesty!

Check out the finalists then scroll down to vote for your favorite below.

The Finalists:

“The senior is an easily entertained species. Here it can be observed during its ‘Welcome Week,’ drinking many fluids and watching freshmen prey move in. But for every 3 surviving seniors, 1 does not make it through the week.”
Submitted by Caroline

“I’m so excited for to be back at- zzzzzzz.” (Good call on the 2 bottles of water, though!)
Submitted by Alexandra.

Campus maintenance really shouldn’t leave those garbage bags just sitting around.
Submitted by Kelly.

No need to stop the party to attend the first day of classes at Texas State.
Submitted by Erica.

Two porches, one pong table. One hella awesome Welcome Week.
Submitted by Sarah.

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