Wardrobe Wish List: American Eagle Cropped Military Cardigan

I admit it: I’m a slave to trends. As much as I’d rather be a trendsetter (like Nicole Richie, not Lady Gaga), I’m regretfully a complete lemming. It’s not that I’m not a risk taker, more so that I’ve been completely brainwashed by the fashion industry (like when professors insist you need to read the text to pass) to like what’s available. And what do they have me head over heels for this fall?

Military style.

Honestly, I never would have liked this style if it wasn’t in every. single. fashion magazine this season. But, alas, it is (perhaps this is the fashion world’s way of tipping their hats to the troops?), so I’ve been on the hunt for a military piece that I feel I can pull off without looking as if I’m waging guerrilla warfare (although I might be if I catch someone wearing it at the same time as me). After all, if I’ve learned one thing about fashion, it’s that I need to wear the trend, NOT let the trend wear me.

And what will I be wearing this season? This awesome piece from American Eagle. I call it a piece because it’s neither sweater nor jacket; it’s more like their lovechild, or as AE calls it, the “Cropped Military Cardigan.”

I love this offspring of jacket and sweater because it’s different than the other military styles that you will never touch again come the last day of fall. It’s inexpensive (at $39.50!) and it’s not deep enough army green to look like pea soup. It’s no military shirtdress, or some trend from last fall dyed green in a desperate attempt to make it cool again.

It’s also so versatile – it can be either shirt or jacket. Wear it over your skimpy shirt (that your friends wouldn’t dare tell you makes you look like a stripper) on the way to a party when it’s so cold even “I won’t feel it after a few!” doesn’t hold true, or as a shirt on a chilly fall morning when you roll out of bed for class and need something quick and cute to pair with the jeans you found at the foot of your bed.

But the absolute BEST THING about this bad boy (and the military style in general)? You know there’s always going to be an Army theme party every semester, and while the ’80s will never come back and the orange self-tanner you used for your Jersey Shore party still hasn’t come off, this jacket will allow you to dress for the occasion without having to spend precious alchs money on something that makes you feel the need to throw another Army party just to justify the purchase.

Make sure not to leave this one behind, though, ladies. It’s so cute and warm and perfect, I can guarantee someone else will nab it and wear it (with the jeans they found at the foot of their bed) in your Monday lecture, praying the chick who left it at the party doesn’t recognize it.

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