Remembering the Discman

Forget the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and any other device that starts with a lowercase i, because today is all about celebrating the CD player. For those that may have forgotten, it was the bulky device we shoved in our JanSports as we rode the bus to elementary school. The one that came with a 10-pound binder, filled with discs (most of which only contained 2 or 3 songs we actually wanted to listen to).

In honor of nostalgia and the beloved CD player, the device that not too long ago provided us with much needed musical entertainment (and frustrated us with scratches and skips), it’s time to look back at the greatest CDs to ever spin violently inside. Well more like the CDs that made me force my mom to forget the carpool kids and go straight to the store. Because if I wasn’t playing all the chart topping hits from TRL, I was sitting alone at lunch.

No Strings Attached, 2000, *NSYNC: Every generation has a big decision to make that will change their lives forever. For us, it was choosing between BSB and *NSYNC. And my loyalties lay with JT. So I covered every inch of white in my room with posters of the oh so dreamy and so much cooler, Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris. So when the boys that stole my 2nd grade heart, singing about tearin’ up hearts in matching white shirts, announced the release of a new album, I could barely contain my excitement. And with doll versions of themselves singing about going Bye, Bye, Bye and proclaiming It’s Gonna Be Me, the album definitely didn’t disappoint.

Oops!… I Did It Again, 2000, Britney Spears: Rewind ten years, back to the time when Britney wasn’t walking barefoot in gas stations, shaving her head, and having quickie weddings. A time when she was hanging out in school gyms dressed barely-there-inappropriate outfits, singing about getting hit with signs, one more time. So when the time came for my favorite pop princess to come out with something new, I was thrilled. And from being stronger than yesterday to the fact that even a star had reason to cry, cry, cry, this Britney album taught elementary school me A LOT.

The Eminem Show, 2002, Eminem: Now this album wasn’t one I could ask my parents for. In fact had they known that I spent my free time listening to strings of curse words (as my dad not-so-lovingly referred to it), I would probably have never seen a CD player again. But from acting up in mental institutions to the bleach blonde hair, no one could deny the draw of Slim Shady. And once my favorite rapper’s (and only rapper I knew at the time) CDs starting playing in my good old CD player, I realized exactly what he meant in Without Me; the world’s just different without Eminem and not in a good way.

Spiceworld, 1997, Spice Girls: From buying tens of hundred of lollipops to collect all the possible stickers to performing as them in my third grade talent show, the Spice Girls had me hypnotized. And being a Spice Girl fanatic, my world became complete with the release of Spiceworld. Till this day I believe that people of the world just need to slam it the left and shake it to the right and spice up their life.

So with that, thank you, CD player; you were responsible for the soundtrack to my childhood and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Friday Faves: I’m Not at Oreo!
Friday Faves: I’m Not at Oreo!
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