Weekly Wrap Up: Kinda, Sorta Settled In

Oh college, you slay me. Between my eye-popping total for text books (looks like another semester of ramen and Capri Sun) and overdoses of 5 Hour Energy (yes, already), sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane is walking home from campus or work in the pouring rain. Pause. Not.

But at least CollegeCandy has been here for me this week, keeping me entertained and informed during my study sessions bouts of procrastination in the library. It’s been a hectic week – settling into a new year for college, working out all things financial and somewhere in there managing to put together a futon (it doesn’t convert into a bed because we skipped a step somewhere, but oh well). But CC’s here to guide me along.

And here are a few things that got me through the week:

– When you graduate in the midst of this economic tornado (we’ve left Kansas, but haven’t touched down in Oz), things seem hopeless. Sometimes, though, you just have to learn to take a break and let it happen.

– Get some extra dough for important expenses (water guns, shot glasses, etc.) with the guide to on-campus jobs.

– New cup, new cup. Move down! Wrong tea party. Get cultured and learn some more about the Tea Party political movement. You could impress that cutie in the Young Democrats Club.

– New standards for sexy. A few extra pounds don’t make you fat, just look at Jessica Simpson still rockin’ her bod.

– Don’t be a fashion faux-pas this season. Get the quick facts on all of the trends that hit Fashion Week. Which ones will you dare to don?

– Favorite this for future use during finals. WakeUpDialer.com provides you with free wake up calls at your specified times. Wherever you are.

– Want to go to Indianapolis? You’re going to want to. Check out the most sexual cities in the country.

– When you think college student you think young, broke, and restless. But what you don’t consider is paying your way and making a life for yourself, without any outside help. Welcome to the real world, and congrats on making it.

– ABC doesn’t realize that you can’t recycle trash – in real life or on TV.

– And of course, don’t miss your chance to vote on the Welcome Week Photo Contest!

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Couple Trouble
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