CC Beauty Live: Bye Bye Raccoon Eyes

A few weeks ago I talked about Eye Candy Coolers, small cooling pads that help decrease puffiness under your eyes. Well, this week I wanted to keep with the theme (because if there’s one thing we college ladies have in common it’s a serious lack of rest) and talk about how to conceal dark circles! A lot of you have been asking me about this, and it’s finally here! I personally don’t deal with this on a regular basis (I know, I’m blessed), but when I’m out too late or I’m studying until all hours of the night, I do end up looking much worse for the wear.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

How, you ask? Just use concealer! But not just any concealer. Picking the right one is important, so I’m sharing what I use. I’ve also got a few tips on how to distract people from looking at your circles (even though they probably don’t notice ’em anyway). So if you’re embarrassed by your raccoon eyes, this is the video is for you.

And if you are a chronic sufferer of dark circles, please leave your own tips below!
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