Shop Your Closet: The Striped Tank

[When moving into either a dorm or an off-campus apartment, your wardrobe will face two major challenges: 1. A major lack of funding (to add more to it). 2. A major lack of storage space.

For these two reasons alone, maximizing what you do own becomes essential. That’s why you need to learn to Shop Your Closet. Each week, I’ll show you how to wear 1 item 3 ways – with the stuff you most likely already own! – to get the most out of your purchases.]

As the temperatures stop, drop, and roll (or just drop), we must say goodbye to our favorite summer styles in favor of warmer options. And it’s depressing. Not because we don’t love fall (because, DUH, we do), but because it’s hard to part with best friends and that perfectly worn-in tank, that’s been with you through everything, is the best friend of all.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to shove your summer staples in a Tupperware box under your bed until next April? What if there was a way to work them into this new, chillier season?

Prepare yourselves, because it’s not only possible, it’s adorable! If you loaded up on  striped shirts this summer and aren’t sure how to wear them into the fall, never fear. I’ve found three ways to extend the life of your summer favorite, without looking out of season.

With Pants

Tank, Cargos, Jean Jacket, Scarf, Flats.

So you thought that striped tank could only look good with a pair of shorty shorts? Wrong. Pair it with the new fall favorite, the military pant, and the jean jacket that’s been sitting in the back of your closet since it was cool in 8th grade. Slip on your favorite flats and – voila! – perfect cool-weather outfit. If you want to go even further and dress it all up a bit, throw on a graphic scarf (yes, mixing prints is OK) and a pair of jewel toned flats.

With a Skirt

Tank, Skirt, Tights, Shoes, Ring.

Dressing up a casual striped top is easy – just add a skirt! Tucking it into any sort of high-waisted skirt you’ve got will do the trick (be it solid or patterned), though I love the ruffle detail on this little number. When accessorizing, keep things simple; you don’t want to have too much going on. Black tights and pumps will elongate your legs and keep the focus on the top, and a statement ring will add the necessary going-out sparkle. And if you need a little something else to keep you warm, a simple boyfriend blazer will do.

With a Dress

Tank, Dress, Sweater, Tights, Boots, Necklace.

Now this is a two-fer. Extend the wear of your tank and your favorite summer dress. Just put them together! This gives new life to that I-love-it-so-much-I-wore-it-every-day summer sundress and, quite frankly, layering tanks under dresses just looks cool. Especially a strapless. Totally underrated. Like the look above, keep the attention on the dress and tank top by keeping everything else totally neutral. Adding on the cardigan, tights and boots makes this look completely fall appropriate and a simple long necklace will top off the look perfectly.

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