Why Everyone Needs to be Watching Lone Star

Here’s the deal, people. I love reality TV as much as the next person. I die over the fake words and ridiculous sayings that The Situation or Rachel Zoe come up with every week and immediately go ba-nanas figuring out how I will incorporate said words into my daily vernacular.

But I also love quality TV. You know, something with a plot line. Something with some drama (and I’m not talking about The Situation putting a tampon under Angelina’s pillow type of drama, thankyouverymuch). Something with a hunky male lead who doesn’t rely on a daily routine of GTL to maintain his hunkiness. Actors with actual talent. I’m talking about a show with a certain actor whose daughter once wore a vial of blood around her neck.

I’m talking about Lone Star.

If you didn’t watch Lone Star last week, well, you aren’t alone. Apparently no one did. Except me. And the cast’s proud parents. But you should. And by that I mean you should watch tonight. Because if you don’t it will probably get cancelled. And I will cry, partly because I’m PMSing but mostly because the show is good. Apparently, though, sometimes good just isn’t good enough and everyone’s getting worried; even the creator has been pleading for a “stunning upset”!

So here is my plea. In a list.
5 reasons you should be watching this hot, new show:

1) DWTS = meh. I mean really, it’s the same schtick year after year, week after week. Len has his panties in a bunch, Bruno has some over the top moment where he is obsessed with a dancer, Carrie Ann Inaba cries over a dance that touches her at her very core. Snooze. Fest. The number of viewers they got last week makes me sad for America’s taste in TV.

2) Lead star in Lone Star James Wolk = a hottie with a body. Yeah I said it. I shouldn’t have to extrapolate here on why you should watch, but I will. Hot man. No shirt. Cute side smile. Enough said. I mean if you’re going to drool over The Situation on DWTS who is a total butterface, why not change the channel for a man who’s got the whole package?

3) This show holds promise. Every critic says it’s great. The pilot demonstrated promise; the characters and storyline just need a chance to build. Sorta like Mad Men, the once unknown AMC show. Or like that econ teacher who SUCKED ASS the first week and is now the best teacher you’ve ever encountered. Give it a chance. We are all so used to reality shows where crazy sh*t happens in the first 5 minutes of every show that we forget what its like to have a storyline build week after week.

4) Everyone loves an underdog. Remember Arrested Development? Family Guy? Cory and Topanga in our ’90s bracket? Shows that were cancelled and then brought back? Let’s do it again! (Minus that whole cancelled part.) Don’t you want to say you were a part of the “Stunning Upset” that helped bring back some quality programming to television?

5) Bristol and The Situation will eventually (read: soon) get the boot and then what are you going to watch? The old lady from Dirty Dancing? Yeah right.

Lone Star airs tonight on Fox (and hopefully every Monday night after) at 9/8 central.

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