8 Under $20: Key Pieces You Will Love All Season

Besides all the glitz, glamour and fancy trends those 100-pound fashion magazines are pushing on you this season, there are eight things you must have in your closet (not counting undies, bras and socks, of course – you still need to wear those).  Things that will always work, no matter what. Things that you can mix and match and dress up or down for any occasion. Things that are just plain cute.

Lucky for all of us, all 8 of those things can be nabbed for under 20 buckaroos!  And what’s more, these key pieces will barely ever putter out of style.  If they do, tuck them back in a dark corner for the season and bring them back out with next season’s Vogue.

The Floral Dress: This cute number is no longer delegated to only spring or summer.  A wispy floral dress looks edgy with a leather jacket or super cozy with a thick knit sweater.  Side Note: Avoid bulky.  Keep it light and classy!

Cargo Skinnies: These great, neutral pants are your new blue jean replacement. You can often see Victoria Beckam making them look totally hot with a black blazer and simple tee. With platform pumps, these cargo pants can look chic!

Cozy Knit: This warm knit makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with some Baileys and hot chocolate. Or in the library with a Stats book and a Five Hour Energy. But it’s not just for snuggle-time. You can drape it over a pair of skinny jeans and boots for the day, or add a belt to cinch the waist for a fancier event.

Cropped Leather Jacket: OK, so maybe this isn’t real, deliciously smelling leather.  BUT, it looks pretty damn close and I’ve never been disappointed by pleather faux leather.  Not to mention, it’s super cheap and would look great with a floral dress, tights and booties. Oh, and it would look even better as you rip it off and swing it over your head on the dance floor.

Leopard Knit Cardigan: Can’t go out with a bang unless you have something leopard. This leopard cardigan is saucy and super soft. And only $12.90 – a great buy! Wear this over a dress, with a pair of jeans or layered under a boyfriend cardigan. However you mix it in, it will make a bold statement. Just remember: when you wear animal print, stick to the same palette and add contrast, not clash.

Full Skirt: This season’s freshest breath of silhouette is most definitely the full skirt. Wear this one with a slimming top to offset the fullness and some patterned tights to bring in the edgy.

Cropped Sweatpant: These are going to be totally in this and next season. And every season till the end of time for college students.  This pair looks seriously soft and perfect for a day-date with the coffee shop and your lecture notes. Cute and super comfy? Sign me up. Twice.

Leather Bottoms: This leather skirt is totally hot.  I understand leather can be mildly scary to slip on (not because it will stick to your legs a la Ross Geller, but because it might give you a case of the slutties), but embrace it. If you pair this with a crisp white tee, tights and pumps, you’ll look just right. Meow.

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I’m A Chick and Tucker Max is My Hero
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