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As it gets closer to the end of each week, I know the thought in most everyone’s head is: “What am I going to do this weekend?” Well, CollegeCandy readers, lucky for you, I’ve discovered a site that will help you put an end to that persistent question:  Hotlist.

Hotlist shows you what all your friends are up to, what events are going on nearby, and what are the hottest and most popular places to be.

Simply log in using your Facebook account, and Hotlist gathers data from your Facebook friends and Events list to create a customized look at what’s going on with your friends, around town, or anywhere else in the world.  Events are shown as pinpoints on a map – so you can check out those closest to you first – and also by date, so you can see what’s happening tonight, tomorrow night, or even next weekend!

For each location or event, Hotlist tells you how many people are attending, how many of those are your friends, and even the ratio of girls to guys that will be there (so you don’t end up at some weird sausage fest).  If you click on the location/event name on the map, it’ll take you the main page for the event that lets you see who is attending, extra information about the event, Yelp reviews and Tweets about the location, and a list of other upcoming events at the location as well.  There’s also an iPhone App (Blackberry and Android coming soon) that you can download to bring all your Hotlist info to you on the go.

Oh, and one of the best (although admittedly a bit stalker-ish)  features of the site?  The ability to search for certain friends to see what their plans are–so you’ll know to avoid the party your ex-BFF is going to or where you can “accidentally” bump into your crush.  Hotlist will definitely make planning your social life easier, so why don’t you give it a try?

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