Wardrobe Wish List: Steve Madden Wyndi Lace Up Wedges

I’m not a girl who’s skilled enough to wear heels. I’m not sure what the problem is, but every attempt at stiletto sex kitten I’ve ever made has resulted in scars of the physical and emotional nature. My knees and my pride may never recover from past attempts, but a wise woman once told me what her 24 years had taught her: it’s all about the wedges.

Why should you have to give up feeling confident and sexy because those heels in your closet look better as a prop then when you try to wear them out? OK, so they make your legs look like the hottest stilts in the world, but how hot do you look waddling in them until you trip and smack your face on a keg and have a black eye for the first week of classes? Wedges could have saved my cousin.

And these are the hottest pair of the season. The lace up wedge is so on trend right now, and this Steve Madden pair just won’t quit. They have the awesome height, the sexified peep toe, and an added hole (peep heel?) in the back. The above-the-ankle cut makes them PERFECT for wearing with leggings to completely avoid the dilemma of wearing tights with exposed webbed toes; the legging will totally disappear under the lace-up ankle of the wedge and – voila – you’ve the appearance of opaque tights that allows you to show off the pedicure you splurged on.

Pair them with skinny jeans or the cropped high-waisted pants that are so in right now. When you’re tired of crawling to class with unbrushed hair and sweats and you want to look a little more presentable, these shoes are the way to do it without every girl in class glaring at you for having the audacity to wear a pair of heels to your lecture.

And when it’s no longer acceptable to wear your flip-flops to a party (was it ever acceptable?) because it’s getting a little nippy, you won’t have to walk home barefoot with your heels in your hand because wedges are just plain doable. They’re so comfortable, you can wear them all night long –  or at least until the cops break up the party. And when that happens, you’ll be passing all those girls in stilettos on your sprint home.

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