5 Halloween Costumes to Avoid at All Costs [CONTEST!]

Halloween is just a few weeks away and it’s that wonderful time of year where you put all your school work aside and brainstorm the best possible costumes. Will you go funny? Sexy? Scary? A crazy combination of all three that will either have you winning a costume contest or not allowed in any group photos all night?

Whatever you choose, make sure to avoid these five at all costs:

1. The Slutty Bumblebee

Firstly, horizontal stripes are a no-no, no matter how much of a stick you are. Secondly, a slutty bug? Really? Of all things? Thirdly, have you ever seen a butterfly flapping around a frat party. No? That’s because it’s real hard to get to the keg in a crowded
room when you have wings.

2. Naughty School Girl

Unless you’re Britney Spears and it’s 1998 and you’re shooting a music video, you’re absolutely forbidden from slipping on this cliche costume. You spent 4 years hating high school, why would you want to relive that on such a sacred night?

3. I’m Drunk?

You ask, “What are you supposed to be??” Usually a bro answers with this. Holding a red solo cup. Real creative. Hold up a mug instead of a red cup and you can easily be “I’m boring.”

4. Devil and Angel

Awww, you and your bestie wanted to do something coordinated. How cute and how entirely unoriginal. At least the plug and socket couple awkwardly making out in the corner are going for some kind of cleverness to their partner costume.

5. Santa Ho

Wrong holiday. Also, think about it, if you wear this outfit now, what will you wear to church on Christmas eve?

6. Sexy _____
Fill in the blank with the most ridiculous “sexy” costume you’ve ever seen and you’ll be eligible to win $100 from American Apparel. That’s enough money to make a whole lotta costumes based on spandex and leotards and v-necks. You could probably even supply the goods for your whole group!

We’ll pick our favorite on Wednesday, October 20th and announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter, which will give you just enough time to whip together a creative and original American Apparel costume. If you need some early inspiration, follow them on Twitter and fan them on Facebook.

Budget Stylista: Just Add a Mini!
Budget Stylista: Just Add a Mini!
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