Budget Stylista: Just Add a Mini!

You are not alone when you look into your closet and see black, black and – oh – more black. Every fall we swear we are going to reinvent ourselves; make our closet over to look like a packet of Skittles (mmm Skittles). Yet every fall, without fail, when we’re in a tizzy at the register debating between a black cardigan or an orange one, we end up with black, reasoning that it goes with most things, that it’s the most practical.

Snooze. Fest.

The easiest way to get a “new” outfit and incorporate a color that’s not black without having to buy everything over from head to toe is to rock the staples you already have and add in one piece:

The adorable rockin’ mini.

We all have black shoes, black tights and black tops – the essentials needed for this look. And to spare you from going around town in a top, tights and pumps (you wouldn’t be the first person to think their shirt was long enough to be a dress), Budget Stylista is here to cover your butt. Literally.

Here are my favorite mini-skirts on the racks right now (but there are so many options out there, so you’re bound to find one you love). Itty bitty pieces that make a big outfit statement. You’ve already got everything else you need to complete the look and the boldness, shortness, tightness and color of the mini is all up to you!

Who knew lookin’ so good was so damn easy?

Top: Forever 21, $10.80; Lulus, $63; Top Shop, $44.
Bottom: Charlotte Russe, $24.50; Express, $44.90; Forever 21, $17.80.

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