Gossip Cheat Sheet: A Quiet Week in H-Wood

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of talking about Lindsay, Britney, Speidi, Mel, and the rest of those knuckleheads. This week involved a lot of court dates and things with those crazies, but I wanted to focus on the rest of Hollywood instead. Because, contrary to popular belief, there are other things going on, both exciting and sad. So come on in; the water’s fine in Tinsel Town.

Hot tubbin’

1. Comedian Greg Giraldo passed away after a prescription drug overdose put him in a coma. Greg was in a coma for five days until he was taken off life support. Reports say it was not a suicide. A memorial is planned for Friday in New York at the Governor’s Comedy Club. Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time.

2. Titanic actress, Gloria Stuart, passed away this week at the age of 100. So sad, this lady was awesome. She was the oldest woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for her role of Rose in Titanic. Our thoughts are also with her friends and family.

3. Dr. Ryan, who sadly passed away in an accident on Pacific Coast Highway, is having a plastic surgery scandal. His rival surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is trying to get Dr. Ryan’s former patients! Apparently, some of Dr. Ryan’s staff went over to Dr. Motykie’s office and patients have received emails offering Dr. Motykie’s services. Awkward much? Imagine having some doctor email you saying he’ll do your boob job. Well, people are pissed! Although sharing information is allowed for medical purposes, it’s still kind of weird.

4. Our favorite silver fox, Anderson Cooper, is getting a daytime show! He’s going to be hosting the new show starting next fall. It’s going to focus on all kinds of things ranging from pop culture to social issues. Sounds pretty interesting A-Coop, but honestly I’ll watch anything with your beautiful face on it.

5. Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart? Think again. Early reports this week claimed that Kristen is super jealous of Miss Watson because she and Rob are rumored to be filming a movie together. Sources said that Kristen was really jealous because Rob and Emma have a lot in common…like their accents. Well, Emma denied it today saying the reports are “absurd and totally fabricated.” Still, we wish it were true. RPatz needs a classy lady.

Lukewarm Bath

1. Miranda Kerr stomped down the Balenciaga runway five months pregnant and fabulous! Only she can pull that off.

2. Heidi Klum retired from Victoria’s Secret. Sad face. The “Body” retiring? Who’s next?! Brett Favre? Maybe? Bueller?

3. WTF is up with Robert Pattinson’s beard?

4. Glee‘s Britney tribute episode brought in over 13 million viewers on Tuesday! Yowza, that’s their highest rated show to date! Could it be the Britney phenomenon, or was it Heather Morris’ amazing performance/abs?

5. Not a sexy photo, but even better: Justin Timberlake rapping with Jimmy Fallon.

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