CC Beauty Live: A Deeper Look

The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how all of you watching these videos don’t get to see my flaws because 1) the camera is very deceiving, and 2) I always have makeup on. I am so flattered by your comments, but I feel that you’re getting a one-sided look at me. I am not perfect by any means; I love makeup and the power it has to make all of us look and feel more beautiful, and I do these videos to share that with all of you. But the truth is, behind the sexy cat eyes, bronzer, and red lipstick, I break out and have bad days just like anyone else!

So I decided to show you how I really look without anything on my face.

I also wanted to do a Quick & Dirty Review of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, which is AMAZING. If you can only buy one product for your face, this is the one you have to get!
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If you have any of your own skincare tips, leave them below; we’re a community and we need to help each other out! And, as always, leave your suggestions for what you want to see on CC Beauty Live!!

One Month Challenge: Gone Meatless, Week 1
One Month Challenge: Gone Meatless, Week 1
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