Body Blog: Fab Abs

Although it’s not swimsuit season anymore (moment of silence…..), you don’t have to give up on those 6-pack dreams. Sure, your thick-knit sweaters will be keeping 90% of your body covered up for the next 6 months, but by keeping up your workout routine now, you’ll eliminate that bathing-suit-shopping-dressing-room-meltdown later. Plus, bathing suit or not, 6-packs are hot. Even if you’re the only one seeing it.

And with this easy to follow guide, you can get one…from the privacy of your dorm room! Print it out, tack it to your wall and crunch away.

Need some new moves? Want some help? Tweet me (@jackelynho) and tell me what you’d like to see next time!

[Thank you to for snapping my pics!]

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