It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Let’s Talk About Boobs

Contrary to what all those fashion mags tell you, earth tones and jewel tones are not the color right now. No, maam. It’s October and the it color is pink!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, peeps! This means that in addition to donning all your pink goodies and shopping for a (great and important) cause, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind this month: boobies. Lady lumps. Tatas. Gazongas. Head lamps.

All of this boob-talk got us thinking – first about the ever-important self-exam, then about all of the different and amazing names people have for breasts. Seriously, who knew two lumps of fat could spur such creativity?

Here are our top 20 faves. Share your own (names….not sexy pics) below!

1. Blouse muffins

2. Droopy Snoopies

3. Babaloos

4. Badoinkies

5. Chesticles

6. Rib Cushions.

7. Jahoobies

8. Magambos

9. Pushmatahs

10. Teetees

11. Whimwhams

12. Humpty dumplings

13. Super Big Gulps (???)

14. Vegas congo bongos

15. Goombas

16. Wahwahs (Did Snookie make this one up?)

17. Fun bags

18. Pinky and the Brain

19. Neeners

20. Moobs (let’s not leave the man boobs out of the equation)!

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