8 Under $20: Yummy Accessories

I’m loud, I’m proud and I love accessories! OK, call me lame if you want, but the importance of great accessories is not lost on me. They are absolutely essential in bringing together a beautiful ensemble and the easiest way to update your wardrobe to reflect the newest trends each season. And, fo real, they are really fun to shop for!  Unlike shoes or jeans or dresses, you really can never have too many of them, so I’m always on a hunt for something new to add to my growing collection.

And if you stick with me, you can nab some new pieces on the cheap, too.

As Giorgio Armani once said, “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important each day.” We hear you bro, so let’s take a look at the good stuff.

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These earrings add a total shock factor to any ho hum outfit. Much like me, the spikes are naughty but totally wonderful.  Throw these on with a v-neck and jeans and you’re look is instantly spicy and unique.  And despite their super low $15 price tag, they look like you wore them out of a trendy and pricey boutique.

Here’s a secret: the ultimate fall/winter accessory? The scarf. It will keep you warm and add a hint of fabulous to your outfit, whether it’s a dress shirt or a long sleeve tee.  The zebra and gold chain print on this particular beauty is classy and sexy all in one.  All for only $15.

Think you can’t pull of a sequin beret? Think again. Slipping this on your head (even over greasy, gnarly hair) will make you look cooler instantaneously. Rock it with a pair of skinny jeans, a long tee and a cardigan. That’s all you need. All for $5.80.

I’ve always wanted to pop for a nice pair of feline sunglasses.  These (in both tortoise and red) are only $14 and totally Aubrey Hepburn.  They would look chic and fab with a trench coat and tall boots.  I can see myself now walking down the sidewalk and pulling a Mary Tyler Moore. Or a Kim Kardashian. Whatev. They’re faboosh.

We all know the power a stack of bracelets can have on an outfit. So imagine what this monstrous stack can do for you (for under $9).

Maybe I just have an unhealthy owl obsession but this (100% authentic leather) wristlet is perfect for so many reasons.  First of all, it’s a great little tote for the bar (fits license and cash). Second, the magnetic front strap makes it easy to get at and secure. Third, unlike those lame Coach wristlets that everyone and their mother has, it’s totally unique and a great conversation piece.

Can we talk about this necklace? Who would believe you got this at Old Navy (!!) for only $12.50? It’s pretty much all you need to dress up a blah outfit on a dreary Monday morning or add some shine to that (super) low cut black top on a Friday night.

Don’t laugh at the name – this grey beastie belt is stud-tastic!  It comes in grey and brown and is a measly $15.  Like the picture, it would look fab with a white dress or a longer top.  Just doing the small favor of adding a belt (especially one as detailed and funky as this one) to an outfit can totally turn it around.

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