Greek Speak: Date Party Dos and Don’ts

[We scoured the country to find the ultimate sorority girl to share her sisterly expertise with you. After reading through tons of applications followed by hours Facebook-stalking all the candidates (which proved difficult thanks to FB’s privacy settings….), we found her. She gave you the lowdown on rush and now that you’re sitting pretty in your new house, she’s moving on to more important topics: date functions.]

It seems like every year ALL the fraternities try to cram their date functions and formals into two weekends in the fall and spring. For a socialite like myself and the rest of my pledge class, juggling all these events can be a bit overwhelming for a girl! (Who am I kidding? The BF is a Pi Kappa Alpha, so unless it’s his fraternity’s function I sit on the sidelines and watch my friends get dolled up while I wish I was, too, desperately throwing together a toga!)

Speaking of toga, who doesn’t want to get asked to a fraternity date function? FINALLY you get to go to your date’s house without worrying about a drunken slew of GDI girls ruining the mood. Just you, your date, his brothers, and their dates – perfect. BUT there are plenty of ways to make the night not-so-perfect.

Everyone has had that “OMG I’m so glad I’m not that girl” moment at a party, and Greek events are definitely no exception. News travels at lightning speed through the Greek community so for your sake (and your sorority’s sake) heed my advice and don’t be that girl! And, believe it or not, ALL the things I am about to advise you NOT to do I have seen first hand. And it’s not a pretty picture.

Girl fight? Tsk, tsk. There is absolutely nothing attractive about two girls yelling and screaming at each other at a fraternity, ESPECIALLY at a fraternity date function. Seriously- have some class and keep it together. Causing a scene at a dance will not only to completely embarrass your date at HIS house, but also your sisters or friends who are there too.

Ditch your date? How rude! Ok, Ok I know sometimes we get asked on dates or to functions by guys that…well… aren’t exactly our first pick. Been there. Done that. BUT make the most of it and have a good time. DON’T purposely lose your date ten minutes after walking in the door. At least build up some liquid courage and attempt to make some decent convo. If all else fails, hang out in a big group to make things less awkward.

Use your date as a garbage can/toilet. Do I even have to say it? Watch how much you drink. The last thing your rep needs is a picture of you all over the Book with vom all over yourself…and your date. Only you know how much you can drink – don’t try and be superwoman and drink your date under the table. Trust me: you will lose.

BUT, if (and only if) you pinky promise you will not do anything listed above, then hell yeah go to the date function!  What can you do to spice up your date night?

Blind date? YES! Especially after a brutal break-up (again, from experience), tagging along to a date function with a few good sisters (that’s you Mere, Meg and Emily!) and meeting a rando blind date can be fun AND take your mind off of your depressing ex situation. And even if there is no ex situation, take advantage of set-ups; you never know who you’ll meet!

Be a wingman? SO fun. Tagging along as a third wheel (when invited) can be a blast. You get to play up your friend to her date and avoid the pressure of trying to impress anyone yourself. Highly recommended!

Are YOU getting ready for a date function?? Anything you wanna know? Let me know! Let’s talk date functions!

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Weekend Getaway: Toronto
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