10 Toiletry Products With Surprising Uses [GALLERY]

After struggling fiercely in college to stay off the streets (I’m not exactly Mrs. Bill Gates) I’ve come to discover that tons of your everyday cheapo toiletries have tons of additional uses. Next to¬† Rachel Zoe re-runs and chocolate chip cookies, the dollar aisle that’s located in every drug store should be every college girl’s best friend. Who needs all of that expensive Sephora stuff when you have the budget of a homeless man paired with the crafty mind of a student]?

It’s time to take a trip to the toiletry dollar aisle, people. It’s a party back there.

[Click on any image to see the gallery!]

So there you have it. Ten cheap items that will save you tons of dough. Do you know of more products with even more uses? Let us know!

We’ve All Been There: Procrastinating
We’ve All Been There: Procrastinating
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