Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Hilary Duff is Comfortably Chic

Remember back in 2004 when everyone (after we had pledged our allegiances to Team Jen or Team Angelina) had to choose between Team Lindsay and Team Hilary? For awhile, it seemed like Lindsay was the winner. I mean, sure, Hilary was down-to-earth, had multiple multi-platinum albums, a wildly successful TV show (what, don’t front like you didn’t watch Lizzie McGuire), and had a successful movie career. She did everything Miley Cyrus is doing, minus the questionable photos and the untamed nature. But Lindsay had the real holy grail (Mean Girls, obvs), and soon, it was Hilary who?

Six years later, Lindsay is…Lindsay, while Hilary still has clothing lines, a book deal, a stable relationship (who put a ring on it), and no one would ever think of including her in their celebrity death pool. Not only has she transitioned from Disney teen queen to grown woman without taking a trainwreck detour, she has done so while cultivating a simple yet chic personal style that reflects her seemingly low-maintenance, easygoing, approach to life.

Team Hilary for the win.

Product Information: Jeans, $39.50; Top, $14.99; Scarf, $12; Shoes, $26.50; Bag, $29.

This outfit is fabulous because it’s flattering and fitted, without being constricting or floozy-ish. I adore the contrast of the flowy shirt/fitted pants and the to-die-for red heels (though of course, an embroidered flat would look just as great). And who knew how much cooler skinny jeans looked with an easy roll at the bottom? (Note: these Rock Star skinny jeans from Old Navy are the best. pants. ever.)

This outfit would be perfect for class, coffee dates, shopping outings, happy hours… it’s so versatile and easily customizable. You could even swap out the tank for a long sleeve top or a boyfriend cardigan and wear this look through the fall. And – bonus! – the quilted bag can be worn over your shoulder or across your body to add even more versatility to the look.

And with that, my work here is done.
Now excuse me while I go listen to Come Clean and say my daily prayer for Lindsay.

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