Weekend Getaway: Savannah

Fall semester is in full swing and it’s starting to feel like you’re doing the same thing every week. Class. Study. Drink. Hangover. Poor Theme Party Costume Choice. Homework. Switch things up by taking advantage of a long weekend or your fall break (if you’re that lucky) by checking out our Weekend Getaway guides.   We’ve already covered Boston, Toronto and Austin. Now, we wanna take you on a road less traveled (unless you’re Paula Deen)…to Savannah, Georgia.

To the young, curious child version of myself, Savannah, Georgia was synonymous with Girl Scouts —the scratchy uniform I hated, the vest that always seemed to have less badges than the rest of the other Brownie Scouts, and, of course, Girl Scout Cookies! Yum, I love those things!

However, that’s only one part of Savannah. Yes, Girl Scouts of America was founded there by Juliette Gordon Low and I’m sure visiting brings back many fond memories to the to former Girl Scout tourists.  But, Savannah is filled with centuries of history, charm, and even some ghosts! If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of your college campus for a long weekend, head down to the ol’ South and check out quaint Savannah, Georgia!

Touristy Spots:

River Street– Located right on the Savannah River, River Street is one of the most historic areas of Savannah.  The cobblestone streets take you back in time hundreds of years as you take in the historic beauty. There are numerous shops, restaurants, and even street performers that will provide entertainment for hours.  One of my favorite shops is the River Street Sweets candy shop.  Here, you will find the most delicious saltwater taffy, as well as fudge, chocolate, praline treats…you name it, they have it!  Seriously, bring your wallet and your sweet tooth! At the end of River Street is the Waving Girl statue.  According to legend, Florence Martus waved at passing ships, waiting for her own true love to return.  She never missed a ship in the forty years that she greeted the passing ships. Tell me that’s not romantic?!

Take a Tour- Seeing Savannah by tour trolley is the best way to soak in all the history it has to offer.  I suggest Oglethorpe Trolley Tours. For only $15 you can see 90 minutes worth of historic hot spots, beautiful churches, and cemeteries. All tours are narrated by a tour guide, so you’ll learn some interesting facts about historic Savannah. Plus, you can get on and off the trolley and explore on your own. Seriously, this is the way to go—you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace- In case you weren’t able to visit as a brownie scout, you must visit now and pay some homage to the lady, Juliette Gordon Low, that made those Thin Mints so famous!  Her southern mansion gives insight into early Girl Scout history, as well as shows some of what daily life was like during the early 1900s.


Huey’s on the River- Located right on River Street, Huey’s on the River offers some New Orleans’ flair in Savannah.  Expect long waits, but the food will make up for it, especially the beignets, or the gumbo, or the muffalettas. Yum! Order anything on the menu, you can’t go wrong.

The Lady and Son’s Restaurant– Paula Deen. Need I say more?! Paula Deen is my absolute favorite chef, so when I heard that she had a restaurant in Savannah I had to try it! Everything she cooks clogs my arteries makes my mouth water! I don’t know if it’s my butter obsession or because when I eat any of her recipes, calories don’t matter to me, but her food is pure bliss.  And The Lady and Son’s Restaurant is no different!  The food will leave you more than satisfied and the dessert will warm your soul! Lady and Son’s is definitely a must-try!

The Pirate’s House– This restaurant has been in service since 1753.  Originally, The Pirate’s House was an inn for seafarers and offered them food and drink in exchange for stories about sailing the seven seas.  Today, it acts as a restaurant serving only the most delicious food! The menu ranges from seafood to pasta to steaks and burgers. Try any of the jolly ol’ grub and you won’t be disappointed.  A fun fact: the restaurant is claimed to be haunted because of the secret passageways under the restaurant that led to the river. Spooky!


Oktoberfest– One of the biggest festivals in Savannah takes place on River Street each year.  Enjoy a part of the original Oktoberfest, Savannah style.  Between the Weiner Dog Races, bratwurst, and hundreds of beers from around the world, you can’t go wrong. There’s even a fried beer stand this year! At night, you can enjoy the Fireworks put on annually by Wet Willies Restaurant (also another cool restaurant to try)! Sounds like a good October weekend to me!

Ghost Tour– No history is better than haunted history! Savannah is known for the supernatural occurrences so you MUST try out one of these tours.  There are many companies that offer ghost tours, so pick creepiest one and put your ghost hunting skills to work!

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub– The good ol’ Irish settled in Savannah, so there’s a huge Irish cultural influence there.  Check out this pub for some delicious Irish-American pub grub, grab a pint and enjoy the awesome performers that will have you singing along to “Molly Malone” all night long. Slainte!


The epicenter of Savannah is River Street. Some recommended hotels are the Hyatt Regency or for a more historic feel the River Street Inn, which dates back to the 1800s.  Both are quality hotels, located right on River Street, and provide you with easy access to numerous historic hot spots, restaurants and shops!

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