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It’s no secret that my favorite thing to study is the art of procrastination. It’s how I found CollegeCandy, it’s how I began writing for CollegeCandy. It’s why I thought of the idea to interview ’90s icon, Ben Savage. It’s why I held a paper plate awards ceremony for my friends. It’s why I think watching the same Modern Family episode for the 9th time in case I missed anything totally hilar is a grand idea. Because all of the above are way, way, WAY more fun than studying. Sure you may not do well in econ, but you can ramble off facts about (and outfits worn by) your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s best friend’s sister.

But why spend your time procrastinating on FB looking at a total rando’s photos when you can spend time looking at yours own. I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve already looked at my own photos 9,246 times and detagged any photo where I didn’t have the skinny arm pose.” But what you don’t know is that now you can “awesomize” your photos.

First of all can I just say how cool the word “Awesomize” is? It sounds like a word straight out of Barney Stinson’s vernacular (Yes, I also procrastinate by watching full seasons of How I Met Your Mother) and I’m a big big fan of both the Barnicle and the word Awesomize. But back to my point….

By using the Adobe “Awesomizer” App on Facebook you can take your boring old photos and make them totally, 100% awesome. Like, make them look like old school Polaroids. Or add fun backgrounds Or other general awesomeness. All you do is load in a photo, “Awesomize” it, and then publish it to your page. It’s as easy as finding an excuse for not studying and way cooler than posting 147 boring drunk selfies from last Thursday like everyone else you know.

And! And!

Starting this Monday (October 11th), you will have all the more reasons to procrastinate by way of Awesomizing your pics. Every week for the next 6, Adobe is offering prizes for taking your pics to a totally awesome level! Every week will have a fun new theme (Rivalry Week, Favorite College Memories, HALLOWEEEEEEN, to name a few), which means you’ll have six weeks worth of opportunities to procrastinate enter.

Yes, you could win prizes for procrastination. For serious.

Just by 1) not studying and 2) making yourself look totes awesome, you can win your own copy of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere or Adobe Master Collection. And for those of you who don’t know, those programs are not only insanely awesome (could I please use that word more in this post?!), but also pretty pricey, so winning a copy is pretty damn great (going for a new word…).

So ladies (and gents) back to procrastinating! Go make yourselves AWESOME.

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