Wardrobe Wish List: VS Liquid Leggings

Victoria’s Secret knows sexy – there’s no doubting that. But they also know that you don’t need to be in nothing but your $50 bra to feel sexy; all you need is this pair of leggings.

I know that off the bat leggings don’t sound like the sexiest garment in the world. You’ve seen all the girls on campus that wear them the wrong way with the too-short shirts, Uggs and panty lines galore.  There are other ways to wear leggings, ladies! Trust me, after the freshmen 15, even though your jeans may no longer fit (it’s not your fault all you can afford is ramen!) and you can’t afford new ones, leggings like these – when worn correctly – can be fabulously slimming.

The number one rule to wearing leggings is to always, always, always wear a top long enough to cover your bum! Leggings truly are not a substitute for pants. (Editor’s Note: Just ask my friend Erica who always screams “leggings aren’t pants” at girls who just don’t get it.) The material tends to thin out around the largest parts of you (read: your butt) and your underwear will not be safe!

The best thing about these leggings from VS is that they’re different. They’re not your momma’s leggings from the ’80s. They have a chic sheen that isn’t overdone and makes them a tad more dressy – perfect to pair with a hot going-out top and a pair of heels or tucked into my favorite wish list wedges from last week!

But the thing I love most about these liquid leggings is what they’re not: pleather. Although I love the look, I just don’t see how it’s feasible. Pleather leggings are too shiny for throwing on for class, and they’re too pleathery for anything else. Hello! Imagine trying to sit on a vinyl chair in a pair of those bad boys? And wouldn’t your thighs get stuck together?? These liquid leggings, however, achieve the hot idea behind the look without sticking you in a fake leather bind.

And yes – leggings are slimming. Fitted, black, luminescent in the best way, investing in a pair of leggings like these will follow you through the ups and downs in your waistline that college is famous for without showing the evidence in your calves. They’re also the best way to expand your summer wardrobe into the fall and winter. You can wear these under a dress or skirt and they instantly make a short hemline that your friend told you was too skanky instantly acceptable. And let’s face it, just because your jeans don’t fit, it’s still not acceptable to wear pajamas to class.

All hail liquid leggings.

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