What Would You Do With $100 Million?

Say you had a million dollars.  That would be pretty cool, right?  You’d probably go shopping more than once a month.  Maybe bankroll your friends at the bar.  Pay off those student loans.  Get yourself set up in a cushy lifestyle, right?

Okay, now say you had $100 million.  You’d still do all of the above, but with the leftover change I hope you’d go all-out Oprah on some people in need.  Genocide refugees, abandoned animals, sad kids with distended bellies and flies on their faces…take your pick.  It’s really not that hard when you look at everything that’s going on in the world.

Or so I thought until one Mr. Henry Kravis proved me wrong.  The dude’s loaded.  Forget millions, his net worth is in the billions range.  And while he did recently make a significant donation, it wasn’t to the type of organization you’d expect.  Thanks to Kravis’ generosity, 100 million of his hard-earned dollars will be going to Columbia University’s Business School.  Because Ivy League universities need 450,000 feet added to their buildings and this guy really needs his name on a library or something.  Riiiight.

I’m sure the school would have gladly accepted a donation of a far lesser sum and maybe even still put his name in big stone-engraved letters somewhere.  The rest of that cool $100 mill could have fed families, bought vaccinations, or sent young girls to school.  Hell, he could have even done something as frivolous as sending a thousand sick kids to a baseball game and it would have been a better call.

But lest we sound like we’re hating on the privileged, I’d like to give a nod to Bill Gates.  He’s financially set for ten lifetimes and, acknowledging such, has set up an extremely successful foundation that’s primary purpose is finding worthy causes to which Gates, and fellow supporters, can donate.

So while there are quite literally people starving to death in the streets, at least this guy can pee on some proverbial trees, leaving his mark on his alma mater.  “Henry Kravis was here…and he was kinda a tool.”

We’re throwing the discussion out to you. Where would you donate your hypothetical millions?

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