Gossip Cheat Sheet: Always Something Happening

Last week was kind of dull, and this week isn’t much better I’m sorry to say. Personally, I was okay with another quiet week since it’s midterm time, and I got the chance to keep up with my studies and happy hour specials. Knowing those crazy celebrities, the shizz will all hit the fan next week at the same time.

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1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother, “Burning Dan” Gordon-Levitt, passed away this week at the age of 36. He taught what is known as flow arts, which is a combination of dance, yoga, meditation, and preforming arts. Dan even started a school in Los Angeles for flow arts. The cause of death is still not known. This is so sad and our thoughts are with his friends and family.

2. Juliette Lewis’ car was totalled in a hit-and-run accident this week! She was hospitalized, and thankfully, she’s okay and was released. Police found a suspect car and impounded it. No more information has been released. We’re glad Juliette is alright!

3. The supposed other woman in the Ashton Kutcher scandal claims him and Demi have an open marriage! She said that Demi was mad because she wasn’t involved. According to Brittney Jones, Ashton can sleep with other women as long as it’s a threesome with Demi. Um, what? Sounds like crazy talk to me.

4. Everyone knows the pop tart, Justin Bieber. But do you know the man, Justin Bieber? There is a 35-year-old Florida man whose real name is Justin Bieber, he’s been bombarded with phone calls and fan mail. He even got kicked off Facebook for using a fake name. Poor guy!

5. The Glee cast topped the Beatles record for most charted songs for a group! The Beatles held the record at 71 songs, but those Gleeks have bumped them into second place with 75 songs and counting! The cast has sold nearly three million albums, and their fabulousness continues every week. Keep it up Gleeks!

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1. Wilmer Valderrama, aka Fez, will star in a comedy for ABC that includes a “musical component”. Hmm, interesting!

2. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent? Maybe, maybe not. The funny lady denied claims that she’s dating Fiddy, but sources saw them canoodling this week. We shall see!

3. Eva Longoria is set to host the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid on November 7th! Awesome!

4. Mark Zuckerberg took his Facebook staff to see The Social Network! Ha!

5. Check out these sexy Harry Potter posters for Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows!

Weekend Getaway: Minneapolis
Weekend Getaway: Minneapolis
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