Let The Halloween Countdown Begin!

My school is famous for our Halloween debauchery. Every year literally tens of thousands of members of the under-25 crowd dress up (or down) to parade along Del Playa Drive in varying levels of consciousness. Halloween is like the senior prom of college (four years in a row).

The planning and upkeep in preparation for the big night(s) is fierce. Girls have been known to have mental and emotional breakdowns due to the stress of picking a costume, making that costume, making sure the costume is sexy/cute enough, and also making sure that nothing naughty falls out of it. OK, maybe not a full on breakdown, but that’s probably because they self medicate with shots of tequila.

There’s a lot of prep work that goes into the perfect Halloween and the key to success is planning. You don’t want to wake up on October 29th without a costume and be forced to go as a naughty school girl…again. So use this calendar as a countdown to Halloween; stay on track and you’ll be good to go come October 31st (or 25th if you like to celebrate all week long!) sans breakdown. You’ll look amazing, have a great time, and increase your chances of making out with Batman at a party.

October 8-10: Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!
This weekend, figure out what you want to be for Halloween, whether you are going solo or doing a group thang with your girlfriends. Peruse the Halloween stores, hit the internet for inspiration and settle on something. If it requires ordering, get on that now!  You want to make sure that it has time to ship and that it fits. (Note: Yes, showing a little butt cheek does count as fitting. It is Halloween, after all.) If you are making your costume, go out and pick up all the goods. It always takes longer to piece that thing together than you think and you don’t want to have to run out the night of Halloween when you realize you don’t have enough fabric to cover your nips.

October 11-17: Clean (up) Your Plate!
Showing off your belly on All Hallows Eve? Does that Lady Gaga meat dress show off too much cellulite on the thighs?  This week, start cutting extra cookies, beers, candy, and pizza out of your daily diet. I’m not saying you have to lose weight, but I am saying that you’ll be a lot more comfortable in your skin (which is all that will be showing) if you feel your best. And that means eating healthy!  If you want to, start adding more veggies, lean protein, and whole grains to your daily diet, and cut back on the stuff that isn’t as good for ya. (Except candy corn – that is totally acceptable.)

October 18-23: Work It Out!
Keep it up with the gym routine and don’t forget to add toning exercises! Abs, arms, legs – everything has to look tight. Follow up those workouts with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (with skim milk!) and some old-time Halloween traditions. P.S. Keep working on that costume!

October 24: Test Run!
Try on your costume(s) to make sure everything is working right and figure out your hair and makeup. Think of this as a dress rehearsal. Just don’t show that costume to too many people! Halloween is all about the surprise, so you don’t want to ruin it by prancing around campus a week early.

October 25: Final Details!
Figure out your pre-gaming plans (including which awesome drinking games you will be playing!), stock up on the booze, and finalize which parties you will be attending on the big night. Oh, and a giant bowl of candy on the coffee table isn’t a bad idea either.

October 26-28: Investigate!
Go undercover and find out what other people are going to be. The last thing you want is to show up at the party and find 12 other Snooki’s dressed exactly like you. Tweak your costume as necessary. Enjoy a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Hit the gym. Enjoy another Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

October 29: Time to Rock and Roll!
Yeah, it’s not actually Halloween, but it’s a Friday night so it’s time to start the party. So, get ready to go. Shave EVERYWHERE (cuz it’s all gonna be showing, especially if you take Batman home to show him your bat cave),  charge your camera, drink lots of water, eat a giant bowl of noodles with a side of breadsticks and get ready to pre-game.

Chase those shots with some candy corn pumpkins (just not too many – that sugar will make you ill) and you’re ready for the perfect Halloween!

October 30th and 31st: Repeat!
Pound some Powerade, eat a breakfast sandwich, spruce up that costume (wipe off the spilled sangria, sew up that hole from when you fell in the street…), and do it all again.

[Stumped for costume ideas? Not sure what to chug-a-lug at your pre-party? Come back all month for more tips and tricks for every college girl’s favorite night of the year.]

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