Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Halloween Yet?

Please tell me I’m not the only one waiting for LiLo’s next crazy move!  This week found me missing our drug-addled girl like whoa, especially since I wanted to be a Loca Lohan hot mess for Halloween.  Can we please go back to happier times when she was posing with knives alongside Vanessa Minnillo?

In the meantime, my search for the perfect costume is greatly aided by all the fabulous “sexy” don’ts we’re getting from you, our lovely readers. You know what not to wear…and maybe that $100 prize from American Apparel will help you guys put together the best costume on campus.  Or you can just buy fabulous tee shirts to wear to class.

There’s still time to enter our contest, but first be sure you haven’t missed any of the week’s most major stories:

-One Duke Student took kissing and telling to a whole new level.

-But before there was a Duke F*ck List, CC writers were getting busy in public.  Read one writer’s take on the experience.

-Rite-Aid becomes a whole new kind of treasure chest as we reveal all the different ways you can use cheap, common pharmacy items in new ways!

– We lusted for Austin, TX! And we think you totally should, too.

– Yup, procrastination still sucks.  But does it suck more than that ten-page history paper?

– Speaking of procrastination, we’ve got just the tool to help you do it right.

– Our resident sorority girl helped us navigate those often-tricky date parties.  Tip: Don’t ditch your man.

– So long teen years!  We don’t miss you at all.

– We tried to figure out why men think they’re just so damn good at sex while we’re left a little blah

– Looking ahead to the holidays, the journey home can be very traumatic.  Especially when you’re trying to please everyone.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Always Something Happening
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Always Something Happening
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