Why Every Student Should Be On Twitter

We’ve all been there: repeatedly refreshing our Facebook news feed and being disappointed when there is just nothing new and interesting being published from our own social network. Every new article on College Candy, YourTango, Lemondrop, PopEater and College Fashion has already been thoroughly read.  You’re bored. But you wouldn’t be if you had Twitter.

In case you aren’t one of the 190 million users already flying around the Twitterverse, you have been missing out. For some reason, this simple social media platform offers so much than any other does – all within 140 characters! And if you follow the right people, your feed will never be hungry for more again.

Word vomit. Maybe no one cares what colorful salad you ate for lunch or what funny conversation you overheard in the quad, but Twitter is the place to say it without consequence. Tweet as often as you’d like – seriously – without worrying what your entire social network would think if you start to overshare.

Celebrity word vomit. You care what colorful salad Lauren Conrad ate for lunch and what funny conversation Neil Patrick Harris spurred on set, and Twitter lets you follow your favorite celebrities up close. Currently, Lady Gaga reigns as queen of the Twitterverse, but when it comes to celebrity word vomit, the Biebs is a bit bulimic. Baby blue checkmarks mark their official Twitter accounts, so you know you aren’t following a fraud!

Hover the headlines. If you read your emails on the way to class and drink your coffee on the run, you might not always have time to stay up-to-date on current events. Just follow your local news stations for weather forecasts and traffic updates, and browse headlines from CBS, NBC, CNN and practically every other station and paper to date. At least we can still stay tuned with Larry King after he retires from the airwaves!

Be branded. Everybody’s business is on Twitter – literally. From finding free food on campus to saving on Vegas vacations, follow your favorite brands for up-to-date savings and new deals. Even better for us college students: follow your ideal employers, more and more are Tweeting about job opportunities. This will not only give you a better perspective on the company and its latest endeavors, but it can also help you hear about openings right away.

@CollegeCandy. No need to refresh College Candy every hour, because we Tweet our newest stories out once they’re up! Also, follow our interns and our Sorority Girl to step ahead of the curve. And if you’re lucky, you can even find some of our writers in the Twitterverse too.

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