Glamour Says the Darndest Things: November Edition

Home girl looks goooood!

I am completely and unabashedly Team Kanye, so I should have rolled my eyes and sighed most despondently when I saw Taylor Swift on the cover of Glamour this month. But I’m mildly fascinated with Miss Taylor. Maybe it’s because she rarely straightens her hair (curly haired girls represent!) Maybe it’s the way she puts all of her former beaus on blast (wouldn’t you be bitter if you got dumped by a Jonas Brother?) Or maybe it’s because although “Single Ladies” IS the best video of all time, “You Belong With Me” is definitely one of the most relateable songs of all time. And it’s fun to dance to in your underwear….

Fine, I admit it. I think Taylor Swift is utterly fabulous. I have not an ounce of shame.

Moving on.

This issue of Glamour was incredibly informative. Ashlee Simpson has a “thriving” music career. High heels tend to skew even higher during recessions. And, oh my god, it’s okay to order dressing on the salad and not on the side (oh my god, who knew it was okay to appreciate flavorful, calorie-riffic food sometimes?)

But perhaps the most enlightening piece is entitled “Weird Male Habits We’ll Never Understand.” At least, that’s what I thought before I actually started reading the content. Then I realized that Glamour just doesn’t know what fun is.

Glamour says: “Yelling directions at athletes. Who are inside the television.”
Jasmine says: Maybe I’m biased because I yell at the TV every Monday during Gossip Girl, but the best TV is totally interactive.

Glamour says: “High fiving their dogs”
Jasmine says: Awww, come on. Paw-to-hand contact is totes adorbz.

Glamour says: “Peeing in the shower instead of the toilet. Which is two feet away.”
Jasmine says: This isn’t one of my habits, but I know tons of women who do this. Hey, we all go green in various ways…

Glamour says: “Biting your nipples. Ow.”
Jasmine says: Some women enjoy rough sex.

Glamour says: “Pouring Pringles into their mouth. And then offering to pour some into yours.”
Jasmine says: Is there any other way to eat Pringles….without risking losing a hand in that long, skinny tube?

Glamour says: “Wanting you to ‘hit me as hard as you can.”
Jasmine says: What? Seriously? I haven’t heard a guy say this since middle school. Obviously Glamour needs to stop dating 14-year-olds.

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