Bring Back The Bitch!

Anyone who watched The Ellen Degeneres Show today got a huge shock: Perez Hilton publicly announced that he will no longer be bullying celebs. Perez, who is arguably the world’s most well known citizen journalist, is as famous for his out-and-proud sexuality as he is for his snarky criticism of public figures. It makes sense that the one thing that would strike a nerve with Perez is the recent suicides of teens who were harassed for their sexuality, but is Perez taking things too far by cutting out all criticism?

Isn’t it possible to poke fun without crossing the line?

Of course, cyber-bullying is always wrong, and never something to be taken lightly, but Perez could simply make more harmless comments. Poking fun at someone’s wardrobe choice is okay, but attacking his or her personal struggles is not. After all, who would Perez Hilton be without his trademark witty blog posts and inappropriate graffiti art?

I agree that when Perez tries to out closeted celebs, it’s blatantly wrong. But most of his comments are of the more innocuous variety. His blog reflects a trend in new media: finding a clever, humorous way to impart news to the masses.

So I say, bring on the biting comments about Ashlee Simpsons’ new hair and Mel Gibson’s atrocious behavior (hey, you deserve it, M. Gibs.) Just leave the serious stuff alone, and we’ll continue to hit refresh on your blog every thirty seconds.

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