Halloween – Do It As a Group

My favorite holiday has always and will always be Halloween (well at least until Super Bowl Sunday is finally acknowledged as a national holiday).

I mean, what is not to love about Halloween? It is a night of pure debauchery devoted to stuffing your face with Twix’s and candy corn without guilt, wearing the sluttiest of slutty costumes without shame, and inevitably hooking up (a man in a mask? yum.) without judgment due to all the socially acceptable scantily clad outfits.

Halloween is basically one long session of foreplay. Only bummer about the best day of October is the walk of the shame the next morning. Maybe you thought the Lady Gaga costume was a good idea for the 31st, but you may not think so while you’re walking home the next morning in a bright blue pantless body suit with smeared eyeliner and glitter all over your face.

So to avoid being the solo slut this Hallow’s Eve, dress up in a group costume with your friends so you can walk home together.

Group costumes are interactive, more creative than the insert Sexy in front of anything costume, (ex: sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy plumber, sexy firefighter, sexy scuba diver, sexy nun?), and ideal for a quality Facebook profile pic.

So here are our top ideas for this year:

The Cast of the Jersey Shore
This one is just obvious. Someone could dress up solely as Snooki’s guidette puff or Situation’s abs, but all you really need for this epic coed group costume is some self tanner, douchetastic tshirts (for tshirt timeeee) or a boobtastic dress and some high quality hair gel or a bump-it. Put it all together and you’re officially descendants of everyone’s favorite shore. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can actually buy Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation costumes from Ricky’s or Spirit Halloween. And if you’re already a self-proclaimed guido or guidette, just go as you are and fist pump the night away. (Just make sure to GTL before you go, of course.) And lastly, if you’re Pauly D… then well all know you’ll be dressed up as yourself dressed up.

Beer Pong Game/Team
Interactive, relateable, and full of balls. Sounds perfect, right? Buy the costume or make your own, but a beer pong team is the perfect drinking focused group costume. You need many people to make this costume a reality: refs, red cups, ping pong balls, drunk frat guys and sorority girls, and obviously… beer.

Katy Perry and her California Gurls
This song and music video made every guy’s fantasy come true as soon as whipped cream flew out of Katy Perry’s boobs. You don’t even have to be from California to pull off this Candyland-inspired costume. All you and your group of gals need are sparkly daisy dukes, cupcake bras, and bright wigs. Extra points if you find a guy man enough to wear a suit of candy and carry a pimp cane like Snoop.

Alcoholic Beverages
The possibilities are endless. This may just be the best DIY group costume out there.
Margarita/Corona= A feisty Spanish costume! Grab a sombrero and you’re good to go. Stay focused and only drink tequila all night.
Bloody Mary = Traditional catholic school girl outfit meets serial killer. Dress up in the cliché costume but add fake blood and wounds all over.
Red Headed Slut = Find your closest ginger friend, cause this one is all hers.
White Russian = White dress, snow boots, and a Russian white toggle hat. Anything Soviet related works.
Lemon Drop = Easy. Yellow dress. Maybe carry a lemon or two.
Manhattan = I <3 NY shirt. Done. Or dress up as one of the Sex & The City girls.
Kamikaze = Wear a pilot costume or air force costume and just run into people all night long.
Skinny Bitch = If you’re skinny and a bitch, then you pretty much have this one wrapped up. You know who you are.
Pink Panty Dropper = Wear leggings and a bright pink thong over them around your knees all night. Be careful though, this costume tends to stop being a costume after a while… and just starts being real life.
Champagne = Wear the flashiest dress you can find and put on a New Year’s hat. Toast all night long. Pop them bottles with pride.
Captain Morgan = Pirate costume and the pose. Plus, you get to carry a sword.
Shirley Temple = make the biggest alcoholic in the group dress up like the 4-year-old actress

Disney Princesses
I don’t know how such sweet fairy tales got turned into every guy’s fantasy, but I like it. There is a Disney princess for basically every type of girl. Who knew Walt was so dirty?

Celebrate the best holiday by dressing up as all the other holidays!
Christmas = Mrs. Clause, an elf, or wrap a box in wrapping paper, cut out arm holes, and be a present!
Fourth of July = For the true American girl. Wear an American flag bandana, daisy dukes, and cowboy boots….or just go as Sarah Palin. Cause what is more American than her?
St. Patrick’s Day = Dress up as a leprechaun or just drink more aggressively than every other person all night. Irish car bombs should be your drink of choice.
New Years: Put on your best party dress and a New Years hat!
Valentine’s day = Cupid costume. A bow and arrow is clearly necessary.
Easter = For the girl who secretly really wants to wear that sexy playboy bunny costume.
Mardi Gras = Put on a masquerade mask, wear feathers, a purple or green boa and you’re set.
Earth Day = For the hippie/bohemian of the group. Dress like you’re at Woodstock. Wear tie-dye, a headband, and hold up the peace sign all night.
Cinco de Mayo = same as the Margarita costume from above!

Need some more inspiration? We got you covered.

What are your awesome group costume ideas? From sexy to slutty to funny, we want to hear them!

Wardrobe Wish List: Fumblin’ Foe Sequin Bustier Cami
Wardrobe Wish List: Fumblin’ Foe Sequin Bustier Cami
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