The Know: Let’s Play Beer Pong

"This game would go so much better if my face was on this table."

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I love me a good game of beer pong. I love the comraderie, the competition, the excitement, the way one game turns into twenty and before you know it the beer pong balls are missing and it turns into a big game of flip cup.  And just when I thought I couldn’t love beer pong any more than I already do, along comes Party Pong Tables.

Be still my beating heart.

The geniuses at Party Pong Tables realize that beer pong is not just a game you play before you go to the bar… or at 8am before a football game – it’s a culture. And it deserves some respect. And boy do these peeps respect and honor the great game. They not only offers custom-designed tables, but tables that fold into a little portable briefcase. And “grown up” wood tables for when you’re all graduated and fancy. And….wait for it….INFLATABLE pong tables for your pool (or bathtub)!

But that’s not all, folks.

Yes, every single table they’ve got comes with the option of putting your face on it. Or your friends’ faces. Or your friends’ friend’s dog’s face. Or your school logo. Or a picture of your butt (if you feel so inclined). Basically, you can customize your table to look however you want, without having to cut and saw and paint like those frat boys up the street.

Choose from aluminum, plastic and wood beer pong tables (the aluminum beer pong table folds into a small 2 foot X 2 foot briefcase, making it totally easy to take with you on spring break! Hollerrrrr!), then get ready to customize! You can choose from over 35 pre-designed beer pong graphics or upload your own graphics. Then you just choose a color for your table, add painted triangles or actual holes for the beer pong cups (or neither), and – bing, bang, boom – you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind beer pong table.

And as if this news could get ANY better, Party Pong Tables can INSTALL SPEAKERS in your beer pong table for only $39.99. SPEAKERS! IN THE TABLE! WHILE YOU PLAY BEER PONG!


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